Britney Spears to Sue Ex Kevin Federline, Why?


Tuethen it seemed that the singer Britney Spears‘ life will finally be in her own hands, expecting a third child, engaged to her boyfriend and after a legal battle against her own father, now the exchange of words could end up in a lawsuit coming from her ex-husband, Kevin Federline.

Spears, 40, spoke in an original way about her third pregnancy, and even Federline joined in the congratulations for her ex-partner and current boyfriend. Sam Asgari.

“Kevin is aware of the statement that Britney posted on her Instagram account and wishes her a happy and healthy pregnancy,” Vincent Kaplan said on behalf of K-Fed.

However, Britney decided to make a dangerous confession via Instagram, in which she left Federline in a bad light.

“But damn it, my ex-husband [Kevin Federline] didn’t see me when I was flying to New York with a baby inside of me and Las Vegas when he filmed the video!!!” Spears wrote.

Federline’s lawyer replied to Britney

Britney’s words did not go unnoticed by Federline, and his lawyer immediately reacted, making it clear that if Spears did not retract, she would be in trouble with the law, which means a lawsuit.

“[Britney’s account] completely opposite to the truth, she knows it. She should be very careful in dialogue based on revisionist history,” Mark Vincent Kaplan told TMZ.

“This story about Kevin in Las Vegas and Britney is completely wrong and he is not going to stand by and let this story defame what he has done and his support for her in the past.

“But when she starts talking about how it was when Jayden and Preston were babies, it’s completely fabricated. Kevin is not going to let this be left aside, and let this be a depiction of fact, ”added the lawyer.


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