Britney Spears Heals Herself With Meditation But Her Husband Sam Asghari Doesn’t Like It!


Britney Spears has recently started meditating but at the same time her husband Sam Asghari totally hates it.

Celebrity life is very hectic because of their busy schedules and the way they deal with all kinds of criticism and negative talk. This is why they always go to some therapy or meditation to deal with their personal and private situations.

Among them are many Hollywood celebrities who have come up with meditation therapies that really help achieve inner peace. Such is the case with Britney Spears but apparently her husband Sam Asghari doesn’t like it.

Britney Spears, 41, recently started meditating to help her gain inner peace. As we know, Britney Spears has always been surrounded by some arguments in her life that gave her a hard time and that is why she is now dealing with it through meditation.

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Here’s What Britney Spears Shared About Gaining Peace of Mind.

The singer took to Instagram and shared some information about her decision and her new app, but also admitted that Sam totally hated it. The singer continued her writing and explained:

The singer uploaded a black and white photo with a large caption. The caption went on and she revealed that she normally forgets to eat because she is so sensitive if something goes wrong in her life or at home. For him, the world seems to have completely changed.

He wrote: “Yesterday I got in my car and cried… I cried a lot but god, my car is my spaceship 🚀 … where I have my best interests, thoughts, creative impulses, ideas, spiritual… spiritual, and we’re all together on this road .🚙”

Continuing his words, he talked about how he forgot to eat yesterday and how much he hated looking at the food. He went even further to explain how he was crying in the car, but his face looked normal, as if he were okay. One of the men came to his window and took pity on him, saying that everything would be fine.

But instead of taking things too lightly, Britney Spears took it to heart and was offended. She talked about how she didn’t know what was going on in this man’s life and what he was going through.

As for his life, it has always been a roller coaster. At first it was about his conservatory, and then there was some kind of confrontation with his older sister. But when everything was going well, she lost her baby. Her two children with her ex-husband Kevin also attacked her through interviews.


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