Britney Spears’ Bold Tub Photo Shoot


It’s technically the same photo with different filters, but the image shows singer Britney Spears sitting naked in a tub, covering her chest with her arms with a small strategically placed flower sticker in what appears to be an attempt to stop Instagram flags.

The caption of the photo reads: “I love sucking!!! Never professional photos… I find it easy to suck!!! Keep clapping bitch!!!

Her post received 1,153,285 likes in 21 hours, and the pop star’s photo received a lot of comments from different users with different opinions.

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Britney Spears’ Bathtub post sparked controversy in the comments section.

While some joked that the low water level in the tub was due to a rise in “energy prices”, others said the post showed a clear double standard when it comes to Instagram guidelines.

“Now if you’re a normal person who doesn’t have clicks and doesn’t have tons of followers, try writing something like this. Your account will be blocked and destroyed within the first 13 seconds. Instagram is definitely a fun place!” Posted by @dailypurrr.

However, there were other users, like @liatsabar, who objected to some people’s criticism of Spears’ decision to post nude photos on the social media platform.

“What’s the matter?! It’s no different than the dozens of nude photos posted by the Kardashians and hundreds of models and Instagram influencers. Plus other pop icons like Madonna. It’s show business and the socio-cultural bustle we’re living in right now. Finally, in her 40s, she’s out of her own content. master.”

Britney also recently went viral on the popular social media platform after she uploaded a video montage of her great-grandmother rocking her veil in a pair of dresses. In the clip, she smiles for the camera and straightens her clothes.

The clip sparked a different kind of discussion in the comments section, with some saying the clip was a bit disturbing due to the way it was edited, the lighting, and Spears saying nothing in the clip and looking directly into it. camera.

The song’s lyrics were matched with a video reference to drug use, and several users commented that the clips gave them an eerie vibe.

We need proof of Britt’s health… I hate to say it, but I’m starting to fall for these conspiracy theories.

“Feels like secret ring images”

There were others who said they were beginning to believe that the star’s conservatism was not over and that her account was not “overtly managed” by the pop star.


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