Britney Griner’s wife says WNBA star suffers in Russia


BUTin accordance with Britney Griner wife Sherelthe WNBA star is ‘struggling’ and ‘scared’ as he awaits trial in another country as she isn’t doing so well there.

Sherel made remarks about Britney on Wednesday while talking to Reverend Al Sharpton on his SiriusXM radio broadcast,Keep it a secretBritney has been in Russian custody for over 4 months due to drug possession charges.

“She’s human,” Cherell said. “She is fighting. She’s there, horrified. She is alone there. I mean, even in America, if she was going through a trial, she wouldn’t be doing it alone.”

“Everything about it is just your biggest nightmare,” she added. “Besides the fact that BG is in a situation where it’s not even a trial. Given the execution, in Russia 99% of convictions. There is no justice in this.”

Griner will appear in court on July 1

Griner, who could spend up to 10 years in prison if proven guilty. appeared before a Russian court on Monday while phoenixmercury The center was detained and surrounded by police.

Scherel argued that while Hooper tried to keep a positive vibe in her notes, it was clear the 31-year-old was nervous because she was only two days away from her trial.

she also once again pleaded with the American government to take a more active role in the Griner case and return home as soon as possible. “We need to put maximum public pressure on our government to act quickly.”


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