Britney Griner’s wife full of hope after phone call with Joe Biden


The is wife WNBA Phoenix Mercury star basketball player Britney Griner requested a meeting with US President Joe Biden shortly after the Olympic medalist arrested in Russia for possession of drugs on February 17 last year, four and a half months later, this request was executed.

Britney Griner’s wife tells ABC she wants WNBA star home

Sherel Griner said on her Instagram account that she had a phone call with Biden this Wednesday and that despite her concern for her wife’s future, she was grateful and hopeful after the meeting.

Words by Sherel Griner

“While I will be concerned and frank until she returns home, I hope to know that the president has read my wife’s letter and taken the time to respond. I know BG will be able to find solace in the fact that she was not forgotten,” said Sherel Griner. “I want to thank everyone who fought so hard for BG. It means a lot to my whole family and also to my wife.”

in Trial of Britney Griner will continue this Thursday in Russia and, according to Russian law, if found guilty, she could be sentenced to 10 years in prisonso, in desperation, she sent a letter to the President of the United States asking him to petition to return home.

Sherel Griner asks all those unjustly detained

“Please continue to pray for my family and all other families of those illegally detained as our pain remains active until our loved ones are returned home,” said Cherell Griner. “Let’s continue to use our voices to name all Americans wrongfully detained and support the administration as it does everything it can to bring them home today.”

According to an official announcement from US governmentThe Britney Griner case is a top priority and they are doing everything in their power to resolve it.


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