Britney Griner’s defense team reveals why she pleaded guilty: ‘She took responsibility’


Britney Griner decided to plead guilty to drug possession last Thursday in a Russian court. Initially, it was believed that she was asked by her legal team to do so in order to be part of a deal between her and criminal Viktor Bout. Who is known as’Death merchant‘ is one of the most notorious arms dealers in human history and has been imprisoned in the United States for nearly 12 years.

If Griner had been used for this deal, her moral compass would have been hit hard by guilt. No person in their right mind will feel comfortable if they are responsible for allowing that person to go free. But there is always the possibility that freedom is much more important for Griner than morality, no one wants to stay in prison.

Why then did Griner plead guilty?

Contrary to popular belief, Britney Greener’s lawyers have revealed the reason she pleaded guilty to the charges. They released the following statement: “The call for Brittney Griner was her decision based on discussions with her legal team in Russia. Britney sets an example of courage.

“She has chosen to take full responsibility for her actions as she knows she is a role model for many people. We hope that she will be able to avoid a harsh sentence due to the nature of her case, the low amount of substance and BG’s personality and history of positive contributions to world and Russian sports.”

While this statement has been made public, many questions remain about her request because the deal could still go through. The WNBA star’s defense team has nothing to say about a possible trade because it would likely harm the negotiations. We will be monitoring this situation over the next few weeks and expect the United States government to sit down and discuss her release.

Russia’s desire to get Viktor Bout back from an American prison may be just a way for them to taunt their rival country. But then again, perhaps Griner has a moral compass and doesn’t want to be a bargaining chip for such a terrible person. Victor Bout is as bad as it gets.


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