Britney Griner’s agent proves she’s being used as a bargaining chip


BUTwe walk through the 90th day of Britney Griner’s unjust imprisonment Russia, there is new information from the agent Lindsey Kagawa Kolas. She advocates getting her client back without a scratch, but the situation is getting more and more difficult for her. Just last week, for no apparent reason, Russia extended its stay in the country for another month.

It soon became clear that this could be a case of the WNBA star being used for political purposes. In particular, there were fears that she would be used as a bargaining chip in exchange for a Russian citizen. There is still no confirmation as to whether President Joe Biden will meet with wife Sherrell Griner or her agent about Greener.

While this is arranged, Kolas is already calling it like it is via Twitter: “No athlete representing any country should travel in fear of being captured and used as a negotiating tool. We must protect the integrity of sport and the world. The sports community must unite and demand the release of Britney Griner.

“Regarding today’s report on consular access: international law requires Russia to grant consular access to Britney Greener, and that access has already been denied three times. This proves that Britney is being used as a political bargaining chip.”

The United States is considering options.

Bringing Britney Greener back to the United States is proving to be one of the most difficult issues for the United States government to address. About how important it is to return her home, literally all the prominent figures in basketball have already spoken.

However, the president of the NBA Adam Silver perhaps one of those who can help the most. His involvement is a big deal, but the government is still missing some aspects of his eventual release. Just saying that a star is being unfairly detained is not enough, they need to do a lot more.


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