Britain warns Europe: omicron variants have accounted for 20% of the country’s infections


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The British government is focused on racing against time to give a booster dose to fight Coronavirus disease All adults before 2022 Advances in omicron variants, Appeared in 20% of infections in the country and more than 44% of cases in London.

The executive intends to provide additional injections to all people over the age of 18 by the end of this month-as long as three months have passed since the second injection. This is an ambitious challenge, and he hopes to curb the imminent “wave” of infection.

When visiting a vaccination center in the capital, the prime minister, Boris Johnson, Warned that “Sadly, omicron is leading to hospitalization and at least one patient has died.”

leader Conservative Party Rejected the current view that its impact is not as good as other variants: “The idea that it is a milder version of the virus is something we must give up And recognize the speed at which it accelerates (spreads) in the crowd. The best thing we can do is to inoculate a booster dose,” he said.

The “extremely high demand” for booster vaccines caused technical problems on the NHS website-the public health service-where vaccination appointments were made.

200,000 cases per day?

The UK Health and Safety Agency (UKHSA) has taken swift action to provide official confirmation of the following statement Sajid JavidOn Monday afternoon, the Minister of Health stated in the British Parliament that “the current daily number of infections is about 200,000.”

“When he provided this information to the MPs, what he meant was It is estimated that 200,000 people are infected with the omicron variant every day. This is our original idea,” they pointed out from the official agency.

However, after analysis by officials of the Health Bureau, there was an amendment. According to reports collected by him, a spokesperson for UKHSA stated that Javid actually “refers to the number of new infections as of December 13, but based on models. However, he is not based on official data on current infections.” protector.

In any case, judging from the long lines of people waiting patiently for the injection on Monday, the government has issued an urgent appeal that seems to be working.

A man was vaccinated against Covid in London on Monday, December 13.


“I tried to make an appointment all night yesterday (…) and today they gave me January 5, (But) because today coincided with me taking a day off, so I came to St. Thomas’s Hospital to spend a morning”, to Effie Spanish Angela Garcia While waiting for the booster dose at one of the many vaccination centers without an appointment.

In this huge operation, 42 military teams will be deployed to increase the central and mobile forces to speed up operations.

Johnson, the target of criticism

Johnson got involved in the dizzying spread of omicron because criticism of his handling of the crisis continues.Still talking A Christmas party allegedly organized by members of his cabinet When other citizens followed strict social norms last year.

To defend Prime Minister, Health Supervisor, Sajid Javid, Emphasize that this Monday is British Broadcasting Corporation That leader Conservative Party It “completely and completely focuses on the challenges of the country.”

Boris Johnson seems to have warned about the seriousness of the omicron variant.

Boris Johnson seems to have warned about the seriousness of the omicron variant.


The government has introduced restrictions in its emergency plan or plan B, such as telecommuting as much as possible, the widespread use of masks in closed public places, and the obligation to show a Covid certificate to enter nightclubs or participate in performances.

These rules were confirmed in a statement issued by the House of Commons (House of Commons) on Monday and must be approved by representatives in a vote held today.

New Crown Passport

The minister clarified in his speech Starting from Wednesday, entering large venues will require two vaccinations and booster doses Or a negative antigen test as part of the Covid passport change.

In addition, these certificates will also include the identity of minors between the ages of 12 and 15 when traveling internationally.

Javid considers these to be “steps of proportionality and balance” It aims to “buy time while giving booster doses.”

“So far, we have received the largest number of vaccines in a single day in the UK, exceeding 840,000. Now we not only have to reach this number, but we must also exceed this number,” he said.

On Twitter, the government’s medical consultants, Chris WhittyThe warning stated that after recording 54,661 new infections in the past 24 hours, the country is again facing “increasing challenges”.

UKHSA has reported another 1,576 omicron cases nationwide., Bringing the total so far to 4,713.


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