Brigitte Bardot Anti-vaccine: The French Muse has not been vaccinated “Allergic to Chemicals”

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This French actress Brigitte Bardot On Thursday, he once again became the focus of controversy. He previously stated that contrary to the recommendations of the French authorities, he would not be vaccinated against Covid-19. Because she is “allergic to all chemicals”.

In an interview with the magazine festival87-year-old Bardot added that even if he went to Africa Refusal to vaccinate against yellow fever, Compulsory injection into some countries on the African continent.

“At the time, my doctor gave me a fake certificate. I went to (Africa) and I was in good health after returning,” he admitted.

Movie protagonist like this Et Dieu … créa la femme (God created women), author Roger Vadim, thinks he is in good health.

“Obviously I am 87 years old, but I don’t look like it. I don’t have gray hair. I’m very thin. I have hip osteoarthritis. I walk on crutches, but if you give me a rumba, cha-cha-chá , Gypsy King or Flamenco, I want to move…”, he added in the statement collected by the chain LCI.

Actress was seen Involved in other controversies in recent monthsIn November last year, she was sentenced to a fine of 20,000 Euros (more than 23,000 US dollars at current exchange rates) for racist insults for claiming that the residents of Reunion Island in France “retained their wild genes”.

In addition, Bardo claimed to have “memories of cannibalism over the past few centuries” and “should be banned.”

In an interview with Italian magazine in February 2021 Augie,think Coronavirus is “a good thing” Because it is “a Self-regulation of overpopulation It is beyond our control. “

In 2018, Bardot also stated that most of the recent complaints of harassment in movie theaters were “hypocritical cases”, and believed that many artists “warm up for producers to play roles”, and then ignited the Internet.

Bardot is currently focusing on a foundation named after him, which is dedicated to protecting animal rights in France and other countries, and publicly accuses hunting or bullfighting.


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