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Here is some important information about life in the United States in September 2021.

Covid and travel


On August 10, the United States surpassed 50% of fully immunized citizens. But while American industrial prowess has surprised the planet with the speed of vaccination, from now on … it is no longer rising too fast. Countries that do not produce vaccines have caught up and overtaken the United States. On August 15, France was 52.2% “fully” vaccinated and Canada 63.9%.


Canada reopened its borders to the Americans (vaccinated) on August 9, and the others will do so on September 9.


The government reopened its borders on June 9, specifying that it was doing so to welcome (among other things) American tourists. At that time, nothing was said to despair of anyone, but June 9 is the date when Americans have long chosen a place for their vacation, because school holidays are not the same dates as in France: they had already started 9 days ago … Potential American tourists they could also think about whether they wanted to spend their summer holidays in a European country with a curfew or in a European country with “sanitary card” projects.

As for the “health card”, the French government has created a platform on which the French in the US and Canada can get one for their stays in France.

United States :

The US authorities continued to improve their level of security and sometimes advised their nationals not to travel to Europe, but planes fly the same way.

The United States has still not opened its European air border or land border with Canada, although it indicated to news agencies in the summer that it was preparing to do so. The Delta variant must have slowed down the will. As one observer warns us, “The Biden government was elected with the promise of stepping up the fight against the pandemic, but this closure of the borders is the only federal measure in place. There may be political logic in closing borders, but as we have repeatedly explained, there is no medical or scientific reason. Conversely, sick travelers are detected, while others may not.

“This is the end of affirmative action”

In any case, it is a name An article by Adam Harris in the September issue of The Atlantic. If the wave of “awakening” caused – as explained – an increase in quotas in some American schools and universities, however, for Harris, this trend has been declining since the creation of the “affirmative action.” “Nearly half of Mississippi high school graduates are black, but in 2019, black students made up only 10% of the freshman class at Mississippi University.” The share of black students has been steadily declining since 2012. In Alabama, a third of high school graduates are black, but in 2019 only 5% of students at Auburn University, one of the major public institutions, were black. While the total number of enrollments has increased by several thousand, Auburn now has fewer black students than in 2002.

According to a report by the non-profit Education Trust, the proportion of black students has fallen to almost 60% in the last two decades from “101 most selective public colleges and universities.”

Towards a wage increase?

That would be good news, given that the cost of living has been rising since the beginning of the pandemic. August 2, Time magazine publishes three relatively positive articles on working conditions and wages in the United States. We can read there : “Some of today’s largest companies are reporting significant wage and benefit increases to attract workers and reduce employee turnover. (…)

This is a reversal of what most employers have done in recent decades: reducing benefits and imposing greater financial responsibility on workers. But as America ages, many companies realize that much of their employees will retire soon and may not be able to find enough people to replace them. The retirement rate of the baby boom skyrocketed during the pandemic. (…)

Increased efficiency of workers already plays a role in the labor market. According to the latest employment report, wages have been rising for three consecutive months. “

However, it should be noted that many companies have had to raise wages to attract workers, some of whom preferred unemployment during the covid crisis, due to the unusual amount and length of benefits. So far, the trend in the western countries of the covid crisis (at least!) Has not really improved.

New York governors

Governor Andrew Cuomo had to resign in August. He will not be a candidate on November 8, 2022. Cuomo is replaced Kathy Hochul, who is also a Democrat and has indicated that she intends to run. She has a little over a year to build her popularity, because there is no shortage of potential candidates in her party, such as the current mayor of New York, Bill De Blasio.


This summer, the western US was hit by a heat wave with the sadly usual consequences in California (huge fires), but much more surprising in other states in the region. On August 10, Lake Powell (an artificial reservoir in Utah) was at 32% of its capacity, the lowest level since its inception in 1969. Tourists even take the opportunity to visit the valley, which is usually filled with water!


Eighteen French-American chambers of commerce in the United States are holding their first “business summit,” Continuum ’21, “on September 21 and 22. It will offer ten discussions, with more than 40 important professionals from France or the USA, which will evoke a large number of interesting topics for leading companies working in or with the United States. It’s $ 25 for CCAF members or $ 50 for non-members. See here

All roads lead to Mar-a-Lago

Vanity Fair publishes in its September issue a portrait of the Palm Beach universe, extremely cynical, meaning humorously successful and at the same time politically annoying (cynicism and politics rarely go hand in hand). Article title: “How Roger Stone Helped Florida Become a Model of the American Right.” Joe Hagen describes how some scientists of American conservatism, including half of Fox News (from Sean Hannity to Laura Ingraham to Tucker Carlson), were caught in Florida after Trump’s wake.

In fact, it is true that a group of conservative courtiers has sprung up around Mar-a-Laga, Trump’s residence, made up of both journalists and right-wing intellectuals, but also people who are clearly less relevant than the previous ones. It is not difficult (as everywhere) to find some conspirators there, and that is why Joe Hagan, the author of this article, did not prepare for it …

Another topic (which sheds light on the angle of the previous one), later in the magazine, is an article entitled “Rudy Giuliani’s Shameful Story and September 11 Comes in Full Circle” (Rudy Giuliani’s Shabby Story and September 11 Comes a Full Circle). Interestingly, Giuliani (who supports Trump) was mayor of New York on September 11, and his actions have so far made him a “hero of America.” But no, the best way Vanity Fair found to honor the memory of 2996 dead in the World Trade Center … is to try to publish an article against Giuliani…

In case of unpaid rent in Florida

As we say in our article on real estate at the beginning of the newspaper, eviction is still prohibited, and therefore many landlords end up with unpaid rent. In Florida, the government has launched a financial assistance program to help tenants and landlords:

What’s happening in Cuba?

The July protests were very important. We will have to find out if they are sustainable. President Miguel Diaz-Canel closed social networks (to which few Cubans still have access due to the price of the Internet on the island), but does not seem more feared than respected: two feelings that prevailed when Fidel Castro once hissed the end of the dispute. The balance of power seems to be different and the future is far from easy.


The island is once again experiencing a dramatic situation when, on 7 July, President Jovenel Moïs was assassinated in his house. The new presidential election is scheduled for November 7 and the second round on January 23. This is the Prime Minister Ariel Henry, who provides the transition. President Moise’s wife treated in Miami survived the attack.

On August 14, the earthquake killed nearly 2,000 people and injured 10,000 (temporary tolls at the time of writing). It is possible to contact the association for financial assistance.


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