Brief overview of narrative and deposition summary services


For those who are hearing the term for the first time, a narrative summary is exactly what the name implies! It is a brief summary that includes the plot, characters, conflict, and more. In medico-legal cases, the summary captures and highlights major events that define the course of a case.

A dedicated service provider for narrative summary usually has a team of medical specialists adept at preparing a summary of the claimant’s medical history. Such summaries can be prepared for a diverse list of specialties, be it motor vehicle accidents, dog bite assaults, emotional or sexual assaults, worker’s compensation for an accident at work, pedestrian accidents, therapy visits, diagnostic procedures, consultations, and more. It also includes and highlights any and all major events that define the course of a case, pre-existing injuries, and injuries sustained due to a particular accident.

What is a deposition summary?

A deposition summary is a concise clerical digest of a deposition transcript. It identifies the main aspects of a deposition by page and line. While there’s no particular rule of how concise it should be, the transcript to deposition summary tends to be of a 10:1 ratio.

Deposition summaries are a powerful tool that allows attorneys to cover the main points of a transcript without having to unnecessarily dive into a detailed transcript. It can be particularly handy during the course of a trial, perhaps for a quick reference. That said, creating deposition summaries isn’t easy and requires great effort. The job is thus best left to the experts – people who provide professional deposition summary services.

Why are deposition summary services so important?

During a litigation process, all parties generally depend on a deposition summary. For example, in cases involving insurance providers, both the client as well as the adjuster would want to review the deposition summary. In fact, lawyers depend on these for pretrial motions, trial witness exams, and additional depositions. Moreover, these can be quite handy in bringing attention to noteworthy testimony or for witness impeachment.

Here’s what goes into a thorough deposition summary.

Background work: The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step, and that’s why, every service provider/ company dealing in deposition summary begins work by reviewing the pleadings. Those dealing in deposition summary services need a thorough understanding of the basis of the complaint.

Essential details: For someone who doesn’t know much about deposition summary, it can be difficult to determine how much detail is needed for the summary. Deposition summaries need to maintain a fine balance between simplicity and prioritizing information. All unrelated details are discarded and focus is only placed on key facts.

Proper presentation: While the formatting varies depending on which service provider you choose for the job, people dealing in deposition summary services invest time in the presentation. In fact, there’s a dedicated portion for the dates, case identifiers, witness names, and even the summary.

Deposition summaries are an integral part of any trial. They carry a relevant and accurate summary of the deposition, which has the potential to change the course of the trial in your favor. A well-written deposition summary may help a law firm/ lawyer in preparing better for a trial.

Key takeaway

When it comes to narrative or deposition summaries, we recommend only the best.

LezDo techmed is a people-centric organization that works towards helping businesses and professionals by providing them quality and tailored solutions. They have a team of dedicated and professional paralegals at work to help you with your deposition summary needs. They have a team of legal experts with thorough and in-depth knowledge of various legal standards and enough experience to get the job done right. Over the years, they’ve successfully worked with hundreds of clients and are known for offering the absolute best at the most reasonable rates.

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