Bridge linking Kherson to occupied territories collapses: Russia ends troop withdrawal

Russia has managed to evacuate all personnel from Kherson, Retreat at the “height” of the invasion: they have left the mines, the strategically important Antonovsky Bridge has collapsed. On the Dnieper, it is the only place that connects the city with the occupied territories on the other bank. The nearest alternative is now 70 kilometers away.

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Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, did not want to comment on Jersón’s failure.The only news about this failure is Igor KonashenkovA Defense Ministry spokesman reported in writing that the evacuation of Russian troops had been completed “at 5 a.m. Moscow time” and ensured that there were no casualties.

Konashénkov emphasized in his message that they left “not a single piece”.The final statement moved to September, when the invaders fled Kharkov in a hurry, leaving behind lots of weapons and military vehicles, still in Ukrainian hands.

biggest failure

The commander of the Russian army fighting in Ukraine, Sergey SurovkinThe withdrawal of troops from Kherson was announced on Wednesday in what was considered Moscow’s biggest defeat since the military operation began in February. The reason is that, in the face of the enemy’s numerical superiority, the defense of the territories annexed two weeks ago cannot be guaranteed.

Ukrainian authorities were skeptical of the news, arguing that the withdrawal could actually be an ambush, while international media pointed out that the battle for control of the city of Kherson is not over. “The enemy has not given us anything (…). We have achieved this by fighting,” the president said Vladimir Zelensky.

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According to Ukrinform, the Ukrainian portal that provided the photos, the Ukrainian flag was already flying in the center of Kherson, while calls for caution over Russia’s withdrawal from Kyiv followed. According to the media report, “Ukrainian Patriots” hung banners in Freedom Square in front of the local administration building.

In his final letter to the nation, Zelensky said that of the 300,000 square kilometers that the Russian occupiers have mined in his country, 170,000 square kilometers remain to be cleared, which he believes is essential to restore normal living conditions in the liberated areas. .

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