Braves fan almost smashed his face after catching the ball with a foul (VIDEO)


Fballs in baseball are very valuable to fans, but in Trueist Park in a game between Washington Nationals as well as Atlanta Braves the fan nearly smashed his face trying to catch the ball.

The ball flew up and went out at third base, the fan saw an opportunity to save it, then jumped up and hit his face on the stands, for a moment the people were silent, but the fan stood up with a smile and the ball in his hand, then he received a standing ovation.

There was no accident, maybe the fan’s face hurts a little, but no one can take away the satisfaction of getting the ball in the baseball park.

Braves beat the Nationals

Austin Riley pulled back from Patrick Corbin, Kyle Wright pulled back just over seven innings to earn his 10th win, and the Atlanta Braves beat the Washington Nationals 4-3 on Saturday.

The Braves, champions of the last World Series, broke the .500 mark in 16 games, their best record of the season. They are 28-8 since June 1, the best record in the National League so far.


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