Brad Pitt talks about his personal struggle: I’ve always felt alone

Brad Pitt is one of the most famous Hollywood celebrities, but he is still not immune to the problems of the average person.

One of the most common is depression and Pitt In an interview with GQ, he spoke about his condition and how it made him feel “lonely”. He also told in detail how he got better and how he managed to achieve happiness.

Accustomed to depicting a strong image on the screen, Pitt turned out to be very different when the spotlight was no longer aimed directly at him.

The actor was the main character in the latest issue of GQ magazine and was very open and honest about some of the personal aspects of his life.

The Hollywood star revealed in an interview that he suffered from depression and told how it affected his emotional state, despite his film work and professional success.

“I have always felt lonely. Lonely when I was little, lonely even here, and only recently have I felt a lot of support from my friends and family.” Pitt told GQ magazine.

“Must see Rilkeor by EinsteinBelieve it or not, this is about living in a paradox, hiding a lot of pain and at the same time feeling real joy.

“This is maturation, growth as a person.”

What helped the actor find happiness?

Against all odds Pitt wanted to share his experience and told in detail how he managed to overcome all these feelings.

“I always went with the flow, drifting one way or the other.” Pitt continuation.

“I spent years with mild depression, and it was only when I came to terms with it, trying to embrace all sides of myself, beauty and ugliness, that I was able to capture those moments of contentment. I think we’re all a little depressed.”

Finally, the actor touched on what helped him overcome his condition and find joy in life.

“Music gives me a lot of joy. I think I discovered joy later in life.” Pitt said.


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