Bottled hot water sells like bottled hot cakes in Japan


The hot water is the hottest water around.

Bottled waters have long been in vogue in Japan, with store shelves filled with all sorts of flavors and carbonation levels to appeal to increasingly health-conscious consumers. AND On November 1, Asahi Soft Drinks released another new version of an old classic with the only bottled hot water on the market.

▼ It’s called Oishii Mizu Tennensui Sayu.

But it’s not just any hot water. This so-called “sayu” in Japanese as opposed to “ohwhich is the normal term for hot water. Oh is water heated to about 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit) while sayu it is considered water that has been brought to a boil and then cooled to about 50 degrees Celsius (122 degrees Fahrenheit).

As you can imagine, the cooking process helps to remove impurities and thus makes it sayu a healthier alternative to oyu, especially if you drink it from the tap. say it is said to be great at improving blood circulation and promoting healthy digestion.

For Asahi’s Oishii Mizu Tennensui Sayu, natural spring water is directly bottled and then heated to a temperature of 50 to 60 degrees Celsius (122 to 140 degrees Fahernheit).… which, when you think about it, doesn’t sayu. After all, it’s just any hot water.

To be fair to Asahi, there is no strict definition of what exactly “sayuis and because the source is natural spring water served at the same temperature as sayu, there is still a good chance that the health benefits of this Oishii Mizu Tennensui Sayu are real. Either way, customers in Japan were really willing to make that decision sales exceeded expectations, and the reaction on social media was 10 times greater than other Asahi products.

▼ As you can see from the delighted expression on his face, our writer Ahiruneko loves it too

This contrasts with 2014, when Asahi had previously tried to sell bottled hot water. At the time, it was released under the simpler name “Hot Tennensui” and sales were too poor to continue. However, with people increasingly looking for healthier drinks and the more intriguing name “Sayu”, Asahi seems to have found a recipe for success.

Reactions in online comments were also generally positive, but not everyone was fully convinced to go out and buy hot water.

“So if you cool it, it just becomes water.”
“They should make flavored versions. It could be good.
“Please sell more ramen broth instead.”
“Great timing. People are fed up with additive stuff and the competition isn’t there yet.”
“It’s handy when you want to cook soup quickly.”
“That’s good because it’s not sweet and more refreshing than tea.”
“Sounds pretty good for winter.”
“I saw it today and bought it. It was good and soothed my throat.”
“I have a weak stomach, so that sounds perfect.”
“I don’t pay for hot water!”
“I can just drink the water that comes out of my shower in the morning.”

While you can theoretically drink the water that comes out of your shower, there are obvious logistical issues with consuming hot water this way. At least Oishii Mizu Tennensui Sayu provides the convenience of getting heated water on the go, so it might be worth checking out for 113 yen ($0.80) for a 340 milliliter (11 oz) bottle.

Source: Oricon news, Asahi soft drinks, Flash messages from my game, Choose Mizu
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