Boston Marathon to welcome non-binary athletes for 2023 race


non-binary athletes can run next year boston marathon The organizers of the race announced on Monday that there is no need to register in the men’s or women’s division.

The Boston Athletic Association, which runs the prestigious marathon, said it is working to expand opportunities for non-binary people — not just for the marathon, but for other BAA races that include 5 km, 10 km and a half marathon.

Organizers confirmed the change as registration opened on Monday at 127th marathon run April 17, 2023. About 30,000 people are expected to attend the legendary race next spring.

Non-binary athletes are eligible to enter if they completed the marathon as a non-binary competitor during the current qualifying window, the BAA said. He said he is still working on setting qualifying standards for non-binary participants, but his online applications will include “non-binary” as a gender option.

“Discussions are ongoing with non-binary athletes to encourage further inclusion in all BAA events,” the organization said, adding, “We view this first year as an opportunity. learn and grow together.”

Non-binary professional 1,500-kilometer runner Nikki Hiltz, who came out as transgender last year and narrowly missed out on Team USA for the Tokyo Olympics, praised the move.

“There is still so much work to be done, but I am thrilled that the Boston Marathon and the BAA are recognizing non-binary runners,” Hiltz tweeted.

The Boston Marathon is last major marathon to start adding non-binary divisions.

Last year’s Philadelphia Distance Race, a premier event offering a half marathon and a 5k run, was the first major race in the US to create a non-binary split and offer equal prize money.

The Brooklyn Marathon and Half Marathon followed in April. The finishers included 82 participants who registered as non-binary participants.


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