Boston Marathon 2022: citizens of Russia and Belarus will not be allowed to participate


Prights to Russiaand his partners Belarus in all fields through the international community is a common practice and sport is no exception, this Thursday we must add another event to the list of punishments, prestigious and traditional boston marathon.

This prestigious race, which is also the highest symbol of the most important city in Massachusetts, was held since 1897 one year after creation modern era olympicsit is the oldest annual marathon race of all time and one of the six most important in the world, yet it has never been as decided as today’s.

Application from BAD

in Boston Athletic Association (BAA) published an official statement saying that citizens of Russia and Belarus are prohibited from participating in the Boston Marathon in connection with the military intervention in Ukraine and the war unleashed in Eastern Europe.

“Like many around the world, we are horrified and outraged by what we have seen and learned from reporting in Ukraine,” said BAA President and CEO. Tom Grilk. “We believe that running is a global sport and therefore we must do our best to show our support to the people of Ukraine.”

This ban applies 63 out of over 30,000 runners registered for the race, which will take place during 126th time April 18.

Full refund for Ukrainians who cannot participate

Runners who have already registered and do not reside in Russia and Belarus will be able to participate, but will not be able to use their flags, and all others will be reimbursed for their expenses “within the limits imposed by federal and international sanctions.” “

In the event that Ukrainian runners are unable to participate, they will be refunded the amount. 100% of your expenses or be able to use their registration after one year.


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