Borrell warns Putin that his army will be ‘annihilated’ if he uses nukes on Ukraine

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The leaders of the EU, US and NATO have so far warned Vladimir Putin If it uses nuclear weapons against Ukraine, as it has threatened, there will be “serious consequences”.but no western powers Wanted to elaborate on what exactly these “consequences” were.

The first to put it into words was the High Representative for the European Common Foreign and Security Policy, Joseph Borrell: The revenge of the Western bloc will be The “annihilation” of the Russian armyusing conventional weapons.

“We have a nuclear threat. Putin says he’s not bluffing. He can’t bluff. And it has to be clear that Those of us who support Ukraine – EU, member states, US and NATO – are not bluffing eitherBorrell said in his opening remarks at the European Diplomatic Academy in Bruges.

[La OTAN avisa a Putin de “consecuencias sin precedentes” si usa armas nucleares en Ucrania]

“Any nuclear attack on Ukraine would have a response. Not a nuclear response, but yes. Such a strong military response, the Russian army will be wiped out“, the head of community diplomacy assured.

Borrell assures Ukrainian war sign “An Important Moment in History” And asked the EU to “show our solidarity, strength and determination”.” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener

“We must continue to support Ukraine and Seek diplomatic solutions whenever possible. Now it is not. But one day it will.We must be willing to continue to do what we are doing today and support Ukraine in the peace talks because The world needs to end this war‘, the high representative insisted.

In his view, Putin is challenging the rules-based international order.Response pulse received United Nations General Assemblypassed a resolution this morning, with 143 votes in favour, 5 against and 35 abstentions, condemning Russia’s annexation of occupied Ukrainian territory.

Borrell said he was pleased with the result, which he said would require a lot of work from European diplomats, but said he was “worried” because “there were a lot of abstentions”. “When more than 20% of the international community decides not to reject Russian annexationis too much for me”, exclaimed.

The war in Ukraine has a negative impact not only on suffering Ukrainians or Europeans receiving high energy bills, but also on African and Asian countries that depend on Ukrainian grains. 100 ships now loaded with 2 million tons of grain Waiting in the Black Sea to be granted access to world markets, stressed European foreign policy chiefs.

In his view, the war on “blindly” following the US and accusing the end of EU foreign policy is unfounded. “For me, the opposite is the case. This is an opportunity for the EU to be more assertive and to establish a European position in foreign, military and defence policy,” he noted.

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