Borrell: “Putin’s nuclear threat will not weaken our military support for Ukraine”


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At an emergency meeting in New York this morning, twenty-seven foreign ministers agreed Increase arms supply to Ukraine and tightened economic sanctions against Moscow.This is EU’s response to Vladimir Putin’s speech In it he announced the mobilization of 300,000 reservists for the war in Ukraine and called for an illegal referendum annexation of territory occupied by Russia in the east of the neighbouring country.

Head of Community Diplomacy, Joseph Borrell, to ensure the EU does not back down, despite the Russian president’s threat to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine if anyone tries to thwart his plans. “It is clear that Putin is trying to destroy Ukraine. He tried to destroy the whole country in different ways because he failed militarilyBorrell said at the end of the meeting.

The EU’s top foreign policy representative is particularly concerned that the Russian president “has threatened again and again —And this time, very clearly, very directly– Use of weapons of mass destruction, especially nuclear weapons. “We find it very cynical and shocking to hear such a threat This week, at the United Nations, the international community worked together to build peace and progress,” he denounced.

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“These threats endanger international peace and security on an unprecedented scale. But they won’t shake our resolve. they will not weaken our resolve, our solidarity in support of Ukraine and our full support for Ukraine’s ability to defend its territorial integrity and sovereignty, all the time neededBorrell said.

For all these reasons, EU foreign ministers in New York adopted The “political decision” to “continue the supply of arms to Ukraine”“We will continue to support their military capabilities so that Ukrainians can defend their lands, territories and sovereignty.” This will come through the European Peace Fund’s community budget (of which €2.5 billion has so far been unblocked) and state funding from member states. Finish.

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“I would like to highlight an important factor in particular. According to the UN Charter and international law, Ukraine is exercising its legal right to defend itself against Russian aggression and regain full control over its territory, and has the right to liberate occupied territories within their internationally recognized borders. That is why we will continue to support Ukraine’s efforts to provide military supplies for as long as necessary,” Borrell said.

In parallel, Brussels to speed up passage of new sanctions package against Moscow, which will be the eighth since the war broke out. The new package will focus on application in the European Union ahead of Putin’s announcement of an illegal referendum and partial mobilization in the occupied territories. G7 decides maximum price for Russian oil. But the Russian president’s speech forced further action.

“We will look at a new set of sanctions, New areas that will affect the Russian economy, especially (if I may be more specific) technically. And there will be a new list of sanctioned persons,” said Borrell, who did not want to provide further details. The high representative believes that, despite Victor Orban’s Hungary, an unanimous agreement will soon be reached between the 27 countries . has said that he does not want any more sanctions.

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