Borrell estimates EU military aid to Ukraine at 8,000 million, 45% from the United States

The head of EU diplomacy is annoyed that it is said that it is The United States bears the entire burden of sending weapons to Ukraine to deal with Russian aggression, while the Europeans drag their feet.

Joseph Borrell has encrypted this Monday in €8 billion EU military aid to kyiv since the outbreak of the war, a figure that represents 45% of the money contributed by the administration of Joe Biden. This figure is the result of adding the 3,100 million from the EU budget and bilateral contributions from member states.

Faced with the news that speaks of growing pressure from Washington on kyiv to sit down with Russia to negotiate the terms of the end of the war, Borrell assures that the Europeans will support what the Ukrainians decide.

[La UE entrenará a 15.000 militares ucranianos y desbloquea otros 500 millones para armamento]

We will continue to support Ukraine until its victorywhich must be understood according to Ukrainian parameters”, said the High Representative after the meeting of Foreign Ministers of the 27 held this Monday in Brussels. “It is the Ukrainians who must define what victory meansBorrell insists.

The ministers have agreed to maintain their strategy of “isolate Russia internationally” and continue “imposing restrictive measures against the Russian economy.” In addition, the EU will impose more sanctions on the countries that are providing military support to Moscow: Belarus and Iran.

Borrell maintains that EU sanctions are weakening the Russian economy and the Kremlin’s ability to renew its military hardware after the “enormous losses” it is taking in the war. “Putin is unable to conquer Ukraine, Putin is unable to defeat the Ukrainian army, Putin is retreating,” says Borrell.

The Russian president tries to counteract these failures by destroying Ukraine’s energy infrastructure, in order to plunge the country “into darkness and cold during the winter”. For this reason, the priority now set for the EU is to help kyiv repair and replace these energy infrastructures, the head of European diplomacy pointed out.

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