Boris Johnson and Downing Street parties: ‘No one warned me it was against the rules’

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Tuesday denied allegations by his former adviser Dominic Cummings that he lied to parliament. Parties in Downing Street during the first wave of the pandemic, said no one had warned him the meeting could breach Covid rules.

Johnson denied this when asked if he had lied to the public and parliament. “No. no one told me As you said, what we’ve done is against the rules, and in the event in question, we’re going to do something that doesn’t work,” Johnson said.

Johnson sidestepped several questions about whether he would resign if he was shown to have misled Parliament.

Dominic Cummings, a former adviser to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, assured on Monday that the prime minister had lied to Parliament about the Downing Street gathering during the pandemic, despite warnings it was against the rules , but at least one of the parties is allowed.

Cummings was the conservative Johnson’s right-hand man until he fell out of favor and was fired in November 2020. Be the first to discover the festivities in the mansion gardens Prime Minister in May of that year, restrictions in force at the time did not allow social gatherings.

Last week, after revealing details of a meeting where about 40 people shared drinks, Johnson apologized in the House of Commons. And assured he thought it was a “work event”.

However, Cummings, who served as the prime minister’s main adviser in May 2020, reported today on his personal blog that he and at least one other member of the team warned the head of government that the meeting that day was “drinking” It’s “Breaking the Rules” and “Shouldn’t Happen”.

One of the warnings was given in writing and recorded in an email, the former adviser said.

‘We were ignored’ Cummings said he did not think Downing Street staff who attended the meeting should be punished because the invitation came from the Prime Minister’s private secretary, Martin Reynolds.

In recent weeks, the media have aired more than a dozen events in Downing Street and other parts of the UK government allegedly against restrictions imposed by the pandemic. Johnson’s popularity in opinion polls has plummeted because of those controversial parties, with at least six Conservative MPs calling for his dismissal.


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