Boris Izaguirre is very critical of Tamara Falcó


For several weeks, Tamara Falco Has become the absolute protagonist of the social chronicle. Although their engagement announcement made national media headlines, the bombshell came later, when a video of Íñigo Onieva kissing another woman set off a chain of events that ultimately wrecked their relationship.It was this heartbreak that brought the Marchioness of Grignon into the media spotlight again, after announcing Speech tagged as homophobic This has been done all over the world.

During this emotional crisis, the designer wants to continue her work commitment and travel to Mexico to participate as a speaker world family congressThere, as she recounts her breakup with her partner, Isabel Pressler’s daughter said some unfortunate words that would haunt her for the rest of her life. “Right now we are living in a very complex moment for humanity, There are so many different types of sex and so many different places to do bad things”, he said at the Super Catholic event. And, while she herself has publicly defended herself and apologized, her friend Boris Izagira has failed to stand up for her on the occasion.

Tamara Falcó and Boris Izaguirre / Gtres

This host of blood relation used his column nation Criticize her friend’s words and give her valuable advice. “In some kind of joint effort, we managed to get Tamara out of the deceptive Íñigo Onieva, which she recognized both in Madrid and her controversial participation in the Mexico summit. Now we should repeat our efforts to keep her away from the hateful ideology that surrounds her”, has begun to express unequivocally. For Boris, those attending the extremist Catholic convention simply don’t care about the scandal: “Those radical saints don’t care if they label them homophobic; even if she denies it, that Speech is what it is. “

Tamara Falcó and Boris Izaguirre in 2012 / Gtres
Tamara Falcó and Boris Izaguirre in 2012 / Gtres

For this reason, and the host’s fondness for the Marquise de Grignon, he wanted to give her a piece of sincere advice: “My speaking style is not mine, but if I had to tell her what I thought, I recommend staying away from bad companies Maybe a clear apology. You can be a good Catholic without being extreme. “

Tamara Falcó and Boris Izaguirre / Gtres in 2019
Tamara Falcó and Boris Izaguirre / Gtres in 2019

public pardon

For her part, Tamara Falcó came out after the statement and, in addition to arguing about her words, wanted to apologize on social networks and on TV to those who were offended by her speech. “Although that was not my intention, I asked sorry Any group attacked by my words. I reiterate that I never wish to hurt anyone, let alone incite hatred,” he wanted to say on his Instagram account. As if that wasn’t enough, the socialite sat down that night Anthill In it he argues the reason for his words: “I’m talking about my ex, which was a family thing that was planned before, and I’m explaining why I can’t have a family with him today. I never mentioned any LGTBI groups or anything like thatAs the finishing touches to her speech, Isabel Pressler’s daughter strongly urged her colleagues to address the issue and their breakup: “This is the last time I’m going to talk about my relationship and all of this because I don’t even have to Talking about this here.”


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