Borel visits the Ukrainian-Russian border: “If there is no security, there is no security in Europe”


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European security depends on Ukraine’s security Russia The European Union (EU) High Representative for Foreign Affairs announced that if it dares to invade the country, it will face serious consequences. Joseph Borrell, During a visit to the Ukrainian region Donbass.

“Without Ukraine’s security, Europe’s security cannot be achieved”Borel said at a press conference a few kilometers from the dividing line between the Ukrainian army and the pro-Russian separatist militia that has been fighting since 2014.

The European diplomatic representative assured that “any debate on European security must include the European Union and Ukraine.”

Borel warned that the conflict on the border between Russia and Ukraine “is about to escalate and tensions have been increasing.”

“Russia has been concentrating troops and equipment in a very unusual way. This happened very quickly.”He found that if Moscow chooses to invade Ukraine, the European Union, the United States and NATO are developing joint response measures.

“Our main concern is to ease tensions through negotiations and our firm support for Ukraine. Any military aggression against Ukraine will have serious consequences,” he warned.

As far as the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine is concerned, Dmitro CulebaBorel’s visit to Donbass is of historical significance because “he has become the first EU foreign policy representative to visit conflict areas in Ukraine and Russia.”

The tensions in Ukraine are not new. This is not the case for Russia’s aspirations in this territory. The hybrid war started from October to November. Since then, the accusations between Russia, Ukraine, NATO, and the European Union have escalated.

On December 16, the European Union issued an ultimatum to Putin.. Any violation of the sovereignty, territorial integrity or borders of neighboring countries It will have “huge consequences and serious costs” For Moscow, the joint statement approved by the heads of state and government of the 27 countries was a warning at the time.

At that time, NATO also convened an emergency meeting to discuss the Ukrainian crisis, and issued a warning similar to that of the European Union. “Any new aggression against Ukraine will have huge consequences and high costs…We urge Russia to withdraw its troops from Ukraine in accordance with its international commitments and obligations. “, Claiming allies, as Juan Sanjemerando explained in this newspaper.


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