Borel ruled out the possibility of a large number of Afghans entering the European Union, “unless there is a civil war”

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“What we see Afghanistan This is undoubtedly a tragedy for the Afghan people, Frustration in the west And the fundamental changes that may occur in international relations. “He used these words to define Joseph Borrell The Afghan army and government collapse, the Taliban seize power, and the United States abandons Kabul in chaos After 20 years of existence in the country, only within 10 days of August.

In the debate at the plenary session of the European Parliament, the head of EU diplomacy ruled out that the fall of Afghanistan would lead to the influx of new refugees and immigrants into Europe due to the Syrian war as in 2015. As many capitals worry about. Borel is also in need The EU has an office in Kabul And dialogue with the Taliban-without this implied recognition-despite the fact that they Failure to meet the first condition imposed by Brussels: the formation of an inclusive government.

“This is a hard-line Taliban government, in this government, Some of his strong men were blacklisted by the United Nations Another Minister of Education who made his debut said that the important thing is not education, but piety. Well, through these methods, we are progressing smoothly,” the senior foreign policy representative sarcastically said.

Nevertheless, Borel believes that the EU must talk to the Taliban in order to complete the withdrawal of Afghan collaborators and guide the humanitarian assistance the country needs. “In order to have any chance of affecting the event, We have no choice but to talk to the Taliban. Dialogue does not mean approval. No, dialogue means talking, discussing and reaching agreements where possible,” he told members of the European Parliament.

“We must also strengthen our contacts with Pakistan, Qatar, Russia, China, Tajikistan, Turkey and Uzbekistan. They are key players in the region, which is why our delegation in Saudi Arabia sent two people to Qatar. .with Starting from Qatar, we will try to set foot on Kabul. The first task must be to avoid being excluded.U.S. withdrawal should not mean In fact Our geostrategic repulsion,” said the head of European diplomacy.

The EU’s priority should be to help the Afghan people, especially the 5 million displaced Afghans in the north “threatened by an extraordinary famine”. “Save them or try, but for humanitarian reasons, not because we fear that if we don’t, they will immigrate and cause problems in the country,” Borrell pointed out.

“Faced with the fear expressed by many people, I don’t believe we have to wait Large-scale immigration movement to Europe Barring a civil war, this seems unlikely in the near future.Those who want to emigrate are the middle class in cities that have developed in the past 20 years They will go to the U.S., Canada or Australia earlier than Europe“, has already been explained.

For Borel, what happened in Afghanistan “shows us that the solution to many problems is not military.” “this The largest military force in the world -Spend 300 million U.S. dollars a day after 20 years- Failed to win the war with the poorest country on earth“, he emphasized.

At the same time, the senior representative insisted that for any diplomatic action to be successful, it must be supported by military intervention capabilities, and once again called for “Europe’s strategic autonomy.” Specifically, Borrell called for a rapid intervention force of 5,000 soldiers, But his proposal did not receive unanimous support from capitals.

Sometimes things get ugly and words are not enoughEven if it is only exhortation, any actor who wants to claim to be geopolitical must have military capabilities. Their own ability to act”, he concluded.


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