Borel ignored his team’s warning about sending the Electoral College to Venezuela

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For the first time in 15 years, the European Union is preparing to deploy an electoral college in Venezuela to oversee the November 21 regional and municipal elections. Deployment decided by European diplomatic heads, Joseph BorrellThought it might be “supporting an important contribution Peaceful settlement“The crisis in Venezuela. However, it is now well known that Borel ignored the warnings of his own team against sending observers due to the high risks of the money laundering regime. Nicolas Maduro And damage the reputation of the EU itself.

These warnings appear on 11-page confidential report It was written by a team of experts sent by Borrell to Caracas in July to verify that the minimum requirements for the EU election mandate were met. The conclusion of the report, Before the newspaper Financial Times, Is negative. “The deployment of the EU election observation mission may adversely affect the reputation and credibility of the EU, and will indirectly legitimize the election process in Venezuela,” said an expert from the Diplomatic Operations Service.

“The current polarized background, inflammatory political speech, political persecution by the opposition, the apparent abuse of state institutions by the ruling party, and distrust of the legal mechanism for resolving election disputes have all contributed to Environments that are not conducive to credible choices“The report continues.

“Considering the state’s complete monopoly on the media, in the environment of strict national censorship, it is foreseeable that any critical statement made by the EU delegation will not be issued by the state media, thus limiting its value of existence. It is foreseeable that any Statements will be manipulated to give favorable explanations and Give legitimacy to the election process“, the expert said.

“The EU Election Observation Mission risks being seen as Untrustworthy legitimization of elections“, the report said. Borel has tried to send an electoral college to Venezuela’s parliamentary elections in December 2020, but eventually resigned after finding that the minimum conditions for free and fair elections were not met. Therefore, the EU does not recognize your results.

Multiple progress

Why have you made a different decision now? The EU’s High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy said that this report (not yet made public) was only one of the factors being considered. “The situation in Venezuela is volatile and has changed since the end of this exploratory mission (July). Since then, a lot of political progress has been made in the right direction“, his spokesman Peter Stano explained to this newspaper.

Among them, the Caracas government resumed negotiations with the opposition; Opposition forces G4 and Plataforma Unitaria decided to participate in the November 21 electionsCancellation of political disqualifications affecting some opposition candidates; Venezuela’s National Electoral Commission signed an administrative agreement with Brussels to allow European observers to perform tasks under conditions.

“The deployment of the EU Observer Mission does not represent the legitimacy of the election under any circumstances. If, during the delegation of the Observer Mission, we find that the conditions for proper observation have not been complied with, the EU can always withdraw it.” Stano said.

We believe that our existence has important political significance for two reasons. Through our neutral, independent and impartial observation, we prevent and record possible defects in the election. More importantly: identify possible reforms to help improve the background of future elections,” said Borrell’s spokesperson.

Explanation of the European Chamber of Commerce

However, these explanations cannot convince all forces in the European Parliament. A total of four political groups-the European People’s Party, the Baath Party, the European Conservative and Reformists, and Identity and Democracy-have been mobilized to request the European diplomatic leaders to appear in court in this case.

“This mission puts the future credibility of Eurowatch in the rest of the world at risk because it can legitimize Absolutely illegal election procedure“, explained PP Leopoldo López Gil’s MEP to EL ESPAÑOL.

“Mr. Borrell will have to explain, in which he clearly stated that he will not legitimize the dictatorship by sending this mission, but he will indeed contribute to the restoration of the democratic path in Venezuela. Otherwise, Keep sending the task doesn’t make any sense to me“, Lopez Gil insisted.

I hope Mr. Borrell can come and explain to the European Parliament. It is not clear why he made this decision. After media disclosure, the EU’s credibility is now in jeopardy, and we need an explanation. My impression from the beginning is that this mission does more harm than good,” he told this newspaper. Dita Charanzova, Vice President of the European Parliament and Czech representative of the liberal group Renew.

Confidential reports show that, according to Borrell’s vision, the EU’s observer mission to Venezuela will consist of more than one hundred people and cost 6.2 million euros.


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