Borel believes that it is necessary to establish a European military force with “strategic autonomy”


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Europe should have military power similar to that of the United States. This is what Josep Borrell, the EU’s high representative for foreign and security policy, defends, who believes that the EU should have “strategic autonomy.” The severity of the crisis in Afghanistan.

This Saturday, the President of the European Commission, Ursula von Delane; President of the Council of Europe, Charles Michel; And senior representatives, Joseph Borrell They accompanied the CEO on a working visit to the camp built in the Torrejón military airport facility. Prior to this, Sanchez held a meeting with them, and he took this opportunity to impose the situation on Von der Lein and Michel to promote Europe’s response to the crisis.

according to Published in Spanish, Sanchez intends to take advantage of the good management of the Afghan crisis “Emphasize” the European Union and promote the establishment of a European Military Emergency Unit (EMU), In the image and image of the Spanish.

This idea was endorsed by Borrell this Sunday, and he was working with Top secret Considering that “we are now an American subsidiary”, “Europe should be prepared to act on its own.”

“I hope this situation helps to better understand the concept of strategic autonomy, what it is, and what it is. Now we hope to have the ability to act independently and have a military force that can be mobilized to mobilize them as Americans”, The President added in the aforementioned newspaper.

Spain, method of entry

A week after the Taliban seized power in Kabul, Spain became Main passage for evacuees The strategic basis for the EU and the United States. The reception center of Torrejón de Ardoz Rota and Morón bases are now merged, Like a Humanitarian corridorProvided assistance to hundreds of Afghans seeking to flee their national and international crisis management centers.

Spain is not only the place of arrival for Afghans who cooperated with the country during its participation in international missions in Afghanistan, but also for those who help neighboring countries and Americans.

In recent days, about 400 Afghans have arrived in Torrejón Three aircraft chartered by the Spanish army And the other three are provided by the European External Action Agency. In the next few hours, another 177 people will join their ranks, including national partners and personnel from other EU countries, as well as military personnel from the United States, who have returned to Madrid from Dubai.

This work involves multiple ministries at the same time, from the Ministry of National Defense to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The continuous advancement of Spain’s international role As a result, Pedro Sánchez took the chairmanship, and he won applause from the European Union and the United States in the last few hours in the first person.


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