Bordeaux Reims is at stake, Rennes strives for the podium-zimo news


Bordeaux 0-0 Reims

Ricardo Mangas tried his first blow to Polderley, but was counterattacked by Lance’s defense.

Troyes 0-1 Rennes: Agold opened the scoring!

Nayef Aguerd took a perfect header from Bourigeaud and opened the scoring for the first time! Rennes defender scored his second goal of the season.

Troyes 0-0 Rennes

Rennais was in a good position, but was exposed to a Trojan counter, which significantly opened up opportunities for Ripart, shortly after Martin Terrier missed the opportunity.

Strasbourg 0-0 Lorient

Strasbourg dominated at the start of the game, Diallo scored first, who missed the goal.

Montpellier 0-0 Nantes

Pereira Desa’s strike bruised Omlin’s position!

Montpellier 0-0 Nantes

Canary’s big start sitting in front of the MHSC target. But there was still no chance to put it in their mouths.

Troyes 0-0 Rennes

The first duel between Adil Rami and Gaëtan Laborde was won by the Trojan defender, who was the first to wear an ESTAC jersey.


Let’s take part in four multiple games!

Seeking a show!

On the menu of this multi-room restaurant: Bordeaux-Reims, Strasbourg-Lorient, Montpellier-Nantes and Troyes-Rennes.

Hello everyone!

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