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How important are visuals to a business and its brand reputation? How important is it to choose the right visual for your business and the tone and message you want?

Short answer: very important. But first, let’s dig a little deeper into why.

Funny, I think anyone can remember that our first impression of a company/brand is built by what we see. Whether it’s a TV commercial, a storefront you walk by, or countless other examples.

This impression usually persists and is the first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions the brand. This highlights the importance of choosing the right visuals to align with your brand.

Scientifically, the idea that the visuals businesses use tend to leave the most lasting and impactful impressions can be explained by a few key data points.

research shows 90% of the information delivered to our brains is visual, and our brains actually process vision 60,000 times faster than text.

Vision has tremendous marketing value for businesses of all sizes and in all industries. But how do these brands ensure that the visuals they choose inspire their interactions with the right message and the right tone?

How to boost your business with vision

As companies look to leverage visual effects to grow their business, they need to ensure this. All visuals they use have four basic purposes: to help your business stand out, to align with your intended message, to resonate with your target audience, and finally, to align with current trends when that’s possible.

First, any information used in your visuals—whether actual textual or more rooted in visual cues—must align with the message you intend to send to consumers and the overall tone and message of your brand. . .

Yes, choose the most gorgeous eye-catching visuals It will definitely attract the attention of many consumers. But what good is it if these visuals appeal to consumers without really communicating your brand message?

Not only are you wasting your marketing dollars, you’re also having a very profound impact on the whole your company’s brand. Marketing Industry Research Shows . 71% of companies agree that inconsistent branding often leads to customer confusionDamage the reputation and image of the brand.

With your messaging fine-tuned and customized for your brand and brand, the next area you’ll tackle is choosing visuals to help your business stand out from the competition.

Choosing eye-catching and visually stimulating visuals will ensure a lasting impression on the minds of the consumers you want to attract.

Strengthen your brand image

In addition to simply choosing the most prominent visuals (which are essential), you can also take the opportunity to reinforce your brand identity and message with visual components such as a signature color palette.

If you don’t already have an iconic brand color, it is highly recommended that you build one, as research shows that leveraging an iconic color scheme Can increase your brand awareness by 80%.

The last two fundamental aspects of visually energizing your business—making sure you resonate with the right audience and taking advantage of all the trends of the day as much as possible—are very closely related, at least in terms of solutions. technology.

But let’s discuss the importance of both before diving into the technologies available today that directly address these key issues in ways that can transform your brand marketing efforts now and in the future.

Leverage today’s trends to reach the right audience

First, you need to make sure your visuals resonate with the right audience. Yes, you can tailor eye-catching visuals precisely to the message your business wants to convey. However, if the visuals you choose don’t resonate with the right audience, all your hard work will be in vain.

In the past, ensuring your visuals resonated with the right audience required a dedicated market research team, which was often expensive, time-consuming, and simply impossible for small businesses.

Likewise, for businesses looking to align their marketing efforts with the latest trends (visual or otherwise), traditional methods of engaging with audiences and conducting market research can quickly become outdated and prohibitively expensive, and Very time consuming for everyone’s business. size.

Use modern solutions

So, what are some modern solutions for today’s businesses that offer the flexibility and scalability today’s business environment demands at an affordable price?

Today, technology can be used to shorten this process and revolutionize how businesses align with their favorite consumer audiences and trends that resonate with today’s consumers, which we’ll discuss in a moment.

Use technology to resonate with your audience

As mentioned earlier, making sure their visuals resonate with the right audience are two of the biggest challenges for anyone looking to elevate their business. Another is making sure these visuals take advantage of trends that consumers are paying attention to.

These questions have plagued companies and their visual design teams for decades. The consequences of not aligning visuals with the right audience or trends—whether it’s visuals on actual products or those used in marketing campaigns—can be huge.

Failure to be consistent on these key areas can leave you with a lot of inventory that consumers aren’t interested in, or worse, drain your entire marketing budget into campaigns whose visuals just don’t resonate with good consumers, Gives you nothing leftover budget to tweak your visuals for new marketing efforts.

Align your business with your target audience

In the past, without the technology available today, trying to align your business with your target audience while taking advantage of current trends was a tedious, time-consuming and expensive task.

For affordable companies, these efforts often involve hiring a market research team. However, this strategy does not work for businesses of all sizes, as the costs associated with hiring a market research team can be substantial and unsustainable for small businesses.

Keep your business in sync with current trends

For other businesses with less available capital, staying in touch with their audience and today’s trends requires business owners and their employees to be personally immersed in the market and its trends; looking to engage with existing customers to ensure their needs are met or Meet potential new customers at industry events to understand what your target audience wants from your brand.

On the one hand, the latter strategy lacks precision, and both strategies lack the agility, flexibility, and scalability that many businesses require in today’s modern environment.

So how can these companies use technology to shorten these processes?

Scalable and affordable data-driven design engine

In today’s modern era, technology plays a vital role in helping businesses ensure their visuals are aligned with their target audience and the latest trends.

Today, as brands seek to drive business through vision, a key area of ​​mature technology is the modern and innovative data-driven design engines available in the market.

Use the right data-driven design engine

The Right Data-Driven Design Engine (Try Vexels dot com) – through analysis of target audiences in various aspects such as global trends, search trends, download transactions and subscriber requests – will enable businesses to use greater visibility and insights to understand their market and their trends, allowing them to identify the exact visuals that will resonate with their audience and successfully align with today’s trends.

The right data-driven design engine can not only truly ensure that your business utilizes the right visuals for its products, services, and marketing efforts, but can also deliver significant savings in budget spend and time, allocation, and scalability. and the flexibility needed in today’s business environment.

in conclusion

With today’s technology, businesses of all types and sizes can harness the power of vision to deliver greater impact to their business than ever before.

Featured Image Credits: Photography: RODNAE Productions; Pixels; Thank you!

Matthias Colotuzzo

Matias Colotuzzo is the co-founder and CEO of Vexels, a graphic design company specializing in merchandising, print-on-demand, and unique designs. Matias is always looking for new ways to combine technology with everyday tasks while improving the web experience.

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