Books: Kingdom of Saguenay, Stéphane Bardon – Le Courrier des Amériques

Last March, Stéphane Bardon published a novel “about the whereabouts of ten Iroquois, including Donnacona, in France, which Jacques Cartier forcibly took from Stadaconé to Saint-Malo after his second reconnaissance trip in 1536.

Stéphane Bardon and his book: The Kingdom of Saguenay

Their stay in the Kingdom of France will have an extraordinary impact, to the extent that their leader, Donnacon, Lord of Canada, will be introduced with great pomp to His Majesty François Iero. At a time when the French king was in dire need of wealth to reconquer the Milanese and be able to compete with Spain, Donnacona revealed to him the existence of the kingdom of Saguenay, a fairytale land with mountains of gold, silver and copper, rich in jewels. gems and spices… ”

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