Booker and Paul led the Suns to another victory over the Los Angeles Clippers.


I amwell Phoenix Suns won against Los Angeles Clippers on Tuesday they will take their 18th win in their last 20 games. Only Miami Heat and Atlanta Hawks were able to defeat them during this time. At this point, there is absolutely no doubt that sun are the most dominant team in the NBA this season. They were also among the most dominant last season but eventually fell apart. against Giannis and his Milwaukee Bucks. As they go through the rematch tour, they are determined to make the playoffs as unplayable as possible and make it to the finals with even better chances of winning compared to last season. For now, we have to say that they look even scarier than last year.

Both Chris Paul and Devin Booker understand their role as team leaders, one as a scorer and the other as an assistant. Book has 25+ points in most games he has played this season. while PC3 receives at least 15+ dimes in every game he plays for sun. It’s like they haven’t lost a beat since last season. Booker scored 26 points this evening and Paul received 17 plus 14 assists. Though Clippers by trying to stay close to the table, these Suns understand how to handle games in the final minutes. A plus, Paul George and Javi Leonard absence continues to be a major obstacle to these Clippers. The Suns ended up winning the game 103-96.

What’s next for the Suns and Clippers?

After today’s victory Phoenix Suns are the undisputed best team in everything NBA with an impressive record of 47-10. Then they play at home against Houston Rockets Wednesday evening. v Los Angeles Clippers reached a record of 29-31 with this new loss. They are still missing the top two players in such games, and there is still no set return date for either of them. For sun, maintaining this positive momentum is a major source of inspiration for all players. If they continue like this, in the playoffs they will be one of the most dangerous teams to win.


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