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Book: The White House seen from Quebec – Le Courrier des Amériques

Book: The White House seen from QuebecThe media in Quebec has dealt more with the US election in recent years, and if so, why? Meteoric technological developments, the proliferation of information platforms and the pressure of direct services that serve or detract from this media coverage? Is Quebecers’ interest in the president as colorful as Donald Trump’s factor contributing to the explosion of supply and demand for US news? Finally, what are the socio-political, cultural or media implications of this coverage for Quebec and Canada?

To answer these questions, Karine Prémont and Marie-Eve Carignan surrounded themselves with dozens of experts and media professionals, who were given the floor in bookstores on October 21, 2021, at La Maison-Blanche vue du Québec.

231 pages
Price: 28.95 USD
Edition La Presse


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