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After the last Bond, can there be another Bond? We think it might be his daughter. But nothing seems There will be Bond, like all Bondswhoever it is. Barbara Broccoli and Michael J. Wilson (heir-producers of the franchise) will begin searching in 2023. But one concern was removed from us. Call for cover The country February 1: “The new James Bond will still be a man.” And already inside is an article by Gregorio Belinchon: “Looking for a new agent 007 (male).” let’s finish With the nonsense that surrounded us. to nougat What it takes to be a Bond: “Presence, charm, personality and acting talent.” About whether she could become an actress, Barbara Broccoli speaks bluntly. “Not. It will always be a male character. That’s exactly what Fleming did. Cinema as a whole should create more female protagonists, but with themselves, and not with a mutation of others that existed before. Very good. Thank you Mrs. Broccoli. Thanks Belinchon for the question.

That we are not doing some kind of arthouse, damn it, it’s Bond. Worth what Ismael Merlo did at the Bernard Alba Theatre. Or that Paquita Salas is a man. And it’s worth it New moon Howard Hawks decided to change the gender of one of the main characters. A woman read Hildy’s role in Main page and realized that the dialogue sounds better with a girl and quickly issued the rights. author Main page it was Ben Hatch and he agreed to the change. Then in Title pageBilly Wilder, two journalists became men again.

Who knows what Fleming would have thought of Bond if he was a black woman or a man. Or Chinese. Or Jason Momoa. It seems that the description of his Bond was that of the musician Hoagy Carmichael, a pianist from to have and not to have. Fleming was spared the confusion about gender.

Shortly after publication in Spain Irreversible damage. Transgender madness that seduces our daughters (Deusto) Abigail Schrier, José Errasti and Marino Pérez Alvarez are featured in the same editorial. Nobody is born in the wrong body. The success and misfortune of gender identity. And to these two we will add Pablo Lora, floor maze. V Nobody is born in the wrong body he condemns how trans activism harms thousands of teenagers. This is a reasoned book. Of course, this is of little use when queer gender rejects rationality, exalts itself with its supposed moral superiority, and frees itself from debate with those who oppose it. “Sex becomes a biological contingency, subordinated to gender, which is a personal entity achieved through identity.” And, of course, those who reason always exclude intersex states from this madness.

As far as I know, there was no transsexual Bond offered in Bond. only one black woman was seen (007 from the last movie). Or ebony as a hypothesis. But any case is possible. And yes, everything can be mixed up and twisted. This is what I do. That’s why I like Hannah Arendt’s line, which she certainly didn’t say about the queer gender business. Gershom Sholen accused her of lack of love for the Jewish people in Eichmann in Jerusalem. He wrote: “I consider her a member of this people, a full member and nothing more.” His response: “The truth is that I have never pretended to be someone else or in any other way than I am, and I have never had the slightest temptation in this sense. It would be like saying that I was a man and not a woman.”… I have always considered my Jewish status as one of the irrefutable facts of my life… what is given to us and what we have not done cannot be done…” What elderly aunt Hannah Arendt, she did not know what opportunities would open up for her if she was born later.


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