Bomb in England: Beckham plans to buy Manchester United


There are no good times for him Manchester United, especially at the institutional level after the family glazier put the club up for sale considering “all alternative strategies including new investment in the club, sale or any other transaction involving the business”. Now, David Beckhamlegend of the English club, could evaluate the possibility of opening negotiations to become the new owner of Old Trafford.

To this process of selling the English club, we must add the sporting situation, where this week the Red Devils announced that Cristiano Ronaldo He stopped being a club player after the interview he gave before the start of this World Cup. His bad relationship with have a mouthfuladded to the sporting ambitions of the Portuguese led to the march ahead.

And it is that the glazier they own the Manchester United since 2005 after buying it for 790 million euros. From now on, the sale operation could reach up to 6 billion euros, an unattainable figure for David Beckham. However, that wouldn’t be a problem for the Englishman as he would be willing to be part of this venture as a partner in a multi-million dollar investment.

As the newspaper reports The temperature, Beckham he would be willing to open conversations with different investors and companies interested in buying the club. This fact would entail the return to Old Trafford for someone who is a true club legend and one of his country’s most illustrious players. The Englishman has played a total of 394 games in the Manchester Unitedmaking six premier leagueamong other titles.

United official statement

“As part of the process, the board will consider all alternative strategies, including new investment in the club, sale or other transaction involving the business. This process has been created to enhance the club’s future growth. with the aim of capitalizing on opportunities both on the pitch and commercially.There will be an assessment of initiatives to strengthen the club, including stadium redevelopment and the expansion of commercial operations across This will be done with the goal of achieving long-term success across all divisions.


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