Bolsonaro’s security agency attacked several Brazilian journalists on the streets of Rome


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Some Brazilian journalists reported on the visit of the Brazilian President to Rome, Jar Bolsonaro, Today condemned the president’s security personnel Being beaten and intimidated while trying to get the job done Cross the streets of the capital.

The attack happened today when Bolsonaro left Embassy of Brazil in Italy, Located in the center of Piazza Navona, walk and greet some Brazilians wearing Brazil team jerseys, and provide balloons in the colors of the country’s national flag.

From the video recorded by the reporter, it can be seen that the Italian security personnel, some of them are police, although they did not identify themselves, they tried to hinder their work by driving the reporter out of the street when they took photos in Bolsonaro. . He talked to Brazilian citizens.

UOL reporter Jameel Chad confirmed Effie’s experience and added that a global TV producer was pushed while a security officer twisted his arm and took him to record one of them. Attack on the phone. Finally, after the rest of the reporters scolded the agent, he threw the phone on the ground and he was able to retrieve it.

Chad said that more than a dozen reporters outside the embassy will report to the Italian police in the next few hours. Bolsonaro finally gave up the ride and returned to the embassy.

A Brazilian reporter following in the footsteps of the Brazilian President told Effie that this Almost never participated in G20 work When Prince Charles of the United Kingdom discussed climate issues with other participants, he was not in the morning, and he did not establish bilateral relations with other countries.

He also did not appear in the family portrait at the Trevi Fountain this morning.

He only met with the heads of the OECD and WHO, and his videos of his walk at the Trevi Fountain on Saturday and today’s walk in Castel Sant’Angelo have been posted on social networks.

Bolsonaro will not attend the COP26 summit to be held in Scotland tomorrow, but will go to Anguillara Veneta in Padua (northeast of Italy). The first Bolsonaro to move to Brazil left here at the end of the 19th century, where he will receive “honor” Citizen” title.

An award strongly protested by the authorities and other associations, and even the wall of the city hall in the hands of the far-right La Liga was covered with feces in protest.

Then he will go to Pistoia (Central Italy) to hold a ceremony in front of the monument erected to commemorate the 500 Brazilians who died in World War II. The leader of the far-right league will also attend, Matteo Sal Pooh.


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