Bolsonaro was forced to eat on the streets of New York because he was not vaccinated against the new coronavirus


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New York is one of the most heavily armored places in the world this week. In the past few days, presidents and heads of state from all over the world have attended the UN General Assembly and have left a deep impression on people.

Among them, the Brazilian Presidential Prison Bolsonaro appeared Pizza dinner on the streets of New York Has been banned in the premises No vaccination Fight against the new coronavirus. withSuspected vaccine, In the days before he went to New York, he laughed at not getting any vaccines and said Your immune system is strong enough to resist the new coronavirus.

In New York, unvaccinated people are prohibited from entering bars, restaurants, movie theaters, theaters and other entertainment venues. Therefore, Bolsonaro will have to eat and dine on the street during his stay in the city of skyscrapers.


Bolsonaro Prison himself confirmed that he had traveled to New York but was not vaccinated against the new coronavirus.In fact, he did not take any doses and It does not plan to do so in the near future. He acknowledged this in an informal meeting with the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, It is recommended to be vaccinated with the British pharmaceutical AstraZeneca vaccine.

“I have injected two doses,” Johnson said, a comment that Bolsonaro responded to: “I haven’t done this yet,” as collected by the Brazilian newspaper. Folha de Sao Paulo.

The Mayor of New York doesn’t want you to be there

The fact that he has not received any doses against Covid-19 makes the President of Brazil An exception among world leaders, And even caused controversy in New York, because the city government requires a vaccination certificate to enter closed spaces such as restaurants, movie theaters or theaters.

In fact, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio (Bill de Blasio) once invited Bolsonaro (Bolsonaro) not to go to New York if he had not been vaccinated. De Blasio said: “According to the agreement we made, we need to send a message to all world leaders, especially Bolsonaro, if they plan to come here, they should be vaccinated.”


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