Bobby Rydell, 1960s teen idol singer, has died at 79.


TI have Teen Idol Bobby Rydell died on Tuesday, April 5, at the age of 79 from pneumonia.

Rydell’s death came just days before he turned 80. radio legend Jerry Blavat confirmed Rudell’s death.

Blavat as well as Rydell we were very close friends.

“He had the best pipe and he was the best artist. He told the best stories, was the best impersonator, and was the nicest guy.” Jerry Blavat said.

Bobby Rydell appeared in 1963 in the musical comedy Goodbye. Born in PhiladelphiaRobert Louis Ridarelli had its name “Volare”, “Wild”.

I played with Dick Van Dyke, Ann-Margret and Janet Leigh.

Was Rydell High School in Grease named after him?

Before British rock came to America, Rydell was teen pop stars moment.

Rydell’s fame reached one of the finest musicals ever made. “Grease”.

Bobby Rydell was noted during the film. The name of the high school that appears in the film isRydell High School– was named after him.

“It was so nice to know that high school – in “Grease”— was named after me,” Rydell said in the past.

“And I said, ‘Why me? It could be Ankh High, Presley High, Everly High, Fabian High, Avalon High. And they came up with Rydell High School, and once again, full honor.”

Bobby Rydell there were 34 singles on Billboard Hot 100. By the age of 6, Rydell began to sing and play the drums.

When Rydell was 7 years old, he began performing professionally in the Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey area.

In 1950, Rydell won a talent show in a television series called Paul Whiteman TV Teen Cluband he stayed at the exhibition.

Rydell’s fame was put to good use when he signed with Cameo Records of Philadelphia.


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