Bobby East: California police kill suspect wanted in death of former NASCAR driver


Tmotorsport world in mourning as death confirmed Bobby Easta famous NASCAR driver killed by a homeless man at a gas station in Los Angeles, California, according to local media reports.

It all happened when the driver got into an argument with a homeless man who stabbed him in the chest, and although medical services arrived to help Bobby, they could not save his life.

Police identified the assailant as Trent William Millsap. according to TMZ, he was killed by California police in a shootout during his arrest.

According to the Westminster Police Department, the Western District SWAT team “issued a search/arrest warrant for a suspect” identified as Trent William Millsap, who was in an apartment on the 3300 block of Lincoln Avenue in Anaheim.

“During the presentation of a search warrant, an officer fired a shot,” the police department said on Friday. “The officers were not injured, however, a K-9 police officer received one non-life threatening gunshot wound. The Westminster Police Department, along with members of the Orange County District Attorney’s Office, are currently investigating the shooting.”


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