Bob Dylan’s Friend Refused to Write About the Musician’s Private Life in a Book


In 1953, Bob Dylan attended a Wisconsin summer camp where he made one of his longest-lasting friendships. Louis Kemp was another camper who remained close with Dylan in the years after he became famous. After years of friendship, Kemp decided to write a book about Dylan. He let one publishing deal fall through when they requested that Kemp include more details about Dylan’s private life from him, though.

Bob Dylan | Bettmann/Contributor via Getty

Bob Dylan met his longtime friend Louis Kemp at summer camp

In 1953, Minnesota-born Dylan attended a summer camp in Wisconsin. Here, he met Kemp and another close friend, Larry Kegan. Kemp said they initially bonded because he and Kegan were some of the only campers who believed Dylan when he said he would become a famous musician.


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