Bob Dylan apologized for fake autographs on his $600 book


In 2022, Bob Dylan published the book The philosophy of modern song, a collection of his comments on songs by other musicians. As this is the first newly written book by him since 2004 Chronicles: Volume One, the release was received with much anticipation. Some fans even spent $600 on an autographed version of the book. However, after realizing that all the autographed copies had an identical signature, fans began to question the authenticity. Dylan issued a rare public statement to apologize for using the automatic pen to sign the books.

Bob Dylan | Harry Scott/Redferns

Bob Dylan published the book ‘The Philosophy of Modern Song’ in 2022

In his first book since winning the 2016 Nobel Prize for Literature, Dylan intended to give “his extraordinary insight into the nature of popular music” (via Simon & Schuster). In the book, he covered songs by artists like Little Richard, Frank Sinatra, Nina Simone, Cher, and the Grateful Dead.


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