Boadella: “The left has the ability to carry absolute truth, moral superiority.”


Albert Budella (Barcelona, ​​1943) has just published his memoir Joven, don’t piss me off (Ediciones B), in which he reflects on various issues that concern him, such as artistic expression, politics, education and overprotection, emphasizing the political and educational aspects that the youth of today. The Catalan playwright and intellectual travels through life through a dialogue with a young man in his farmhouse in L’Empordà.

Boadella explained to esRadio how Progressivism took control of a generation which was given consolation in the face of effort, abolition in the face of criticism, and postmodernism in the face of illustration. “I thought: there can’t be so much stupidity around me, and this book came out with a bang,” he assured It’s Federico’s morning.

Boadella knows this book can be annoying, but he’s used to criticism. “They put any joke and legitimized it, which is the most dangerous thing. Lots of taboo.” For example, dedicate a chapter to how pets are treated today. “These are very serious things. It’s an annoyance for animals and insulting people,” he said.

Self-censorship is another issue he deals with. “This is a problem of the culture of the state. This is the web we’ve all been caught in, and it’s very dangerous. It takes the form of aid and subsidies, but deep down it tribute of vassalage What is self-censorship? No censorship is needed, because it is the artist himself who does not want to bite the hand of the one who feeds him. There are those who have an eyebrow, etc. They are all on the same side. Today, in my guild 99% leftthe playwright said.

“The left accepted this idea of ​​a state theatre, the right interfered less. This is an economic issue. The left has something that brings absolute truth, moral superiority, ”he added.



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