Bloggers disappointed with Malacañang for ‘Meet and Greet’: “Ensaymada at juice lang!”

Some bloggers expressed disappointment at the “meet and greet” with PBBM in Malacañang

MEET AND GREET – Several bloggers expressed their dissatisfaction with Malacañang after being served only “ensaymada” and juice at an event.

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On Saturday, December 10, the Malacanang Palace hosted a meeting with President Ferdinand “BongBong” Marcos Jr. and bloggers. Some bloggers, including Pebbles Cunanan and Maharlika, apparently criticized the meeting over the alleged mistreatment of Malacanang. They assured that they were only fed with ensaymadas and juices during the meeting.

“They called for a meet and greet, ang pagkakaintindi ko kasi sa meet and greet is a party, but can eksena inutusan sila ipaintindi daw sa mga tao ang Maharlika Fund, and a meet and greet?” Cunanan said. Maharlika Fund is the controversial sovereign wealth fund proposed by some legislators.

“Rehearsed tapos lang pagkain sa loob ng Malacañang makikinabang na rin lang naman kayo sa mga vloggers/bloggers di niyo pa hinandaan ng buffet like doon sa mga designer na DILAW na wala namang gawa. Hay naku, buti na lang hindi ako umattend baka nalait ko pa yang ensaymada, not as ensaymada at juicemio lunch.” she added herself.

Maharlika, a blogger, also expressed her frustration at the aforementioned event because of the poor treatment female bloggers received. In one of her posts, she compared the treatment of bloggers versus the Malacañang Press Corps.

Malacañang has yet to issue any statement on bloggers’ feelings on their meeting. Amidst the criticism the Palace is receiving from bloggers, some netizens defended Malacanang because the event as they say is “meet and greet” and not “meet and eat”.

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