Bleach Coca-Cola is on sale in Japan and it won’t kill you, but what does it taste like?【Taste Test】


We are opening a can of a cross between Coca-Cola and the Bleach anime/manga series.

At SoraNews24, our taste tests fall into two broad categories: things that sound delicious and things that sound weird. As you might expect, we have more volunteers for the first group than the other, so when our boss said “Hey, anyone up for a can of Bleach Coke?”you can expect the job to be as attractive as eating crab ice cream.

But like your preschool teacher told you, capitalization is important. We’re not talking about a cola made with bleach, but a cola inspired by Bleach anime/manga series. It coincided with the release of the film Bleach: The Thousand Year Blood War continuation of the anime series, Coca-Cola Zero Soul Blast recently went on sale in Japanand shortly after our reporter Masanuki Sunakom he had a tin in his hand revealing an effigy Bleach protagonist Ichigo Kurosaki.

The packaging promises that Soul Blast is “action flavored” and the Coca-Cola Japan press release further promises that it will help you “become the strongest possible version of yourself.” We suppose it’s true if you follow the logic that empty calories are bad for physical performance because Bleach cola is both zero calories and zero sugar.

But more than nutritional facts, Masanuki wanted to know about Soul Blast’s flavor factor.

Pouring some into the glass, the aroma was almost identical to regular cola, but with a subtle difference. There was something about it that brought back Masayuki’s childhood memories of running to a nearby candy store and buying packets of “American Cola,” a sweet powdered confectionery that could be eaten as it is or mixed with water to make a soft drink. .

However, the differences became more apparent when he took a sip of Soul Blast. It tastes a little different than regular Coca-Cola Zero, with a fruity, almost lemony citrus sensation at the beginning of the flavor profile. And although Soul Blast is very sweet, its finish is much sharper and cleaner than standard Coca-Cola Zero, making it both “exciting” and “refreshing”, Masanuki reported between sips.

Bleach Cola is only available for sale for a limited time and is the perfect drink for fans of the series, coke enthusiasts in general and designated drivers who need to find an alternative drink to New Japanese tsundere beer.

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