Blanquer sprinkled with whipped cream: teacher in charge of the facts reacts


largeIt’s two teachers who admit to spilling whipped cream Jean-Michel Blancelcampaigning for Saturday’s legislative election in Montagis, toFrench media agency without premeditating their actions and condemning them Twitter National education in “free fall”. Jean-Michel Blanquer received whipped cream on his face while campaigning in the marketbefore filing a complaint.

On their Twitter account “ProfsChantillyonneurs”, which they created on Sunday, Christophe and Olivier, two technical and plastic arts teachers at REP Academy, explained their gestures in detail in a video of the boys titled “Blanquer mousse-Montargis-Chantilly gate.” “We’re going to the market, it’s strawberry season,” Christophe told AFP, denying any intention to attack candidate Blank.

‘National education is in free fall’

Twenty-year teachers, two men aged 51 and 57, accused of using violence against former ministers, spoke in their videos of the daily violence in educational institutions. “Violence is the inability of 12% of sixth graders to read or understand text. How many people come out of the school system, humiliated, despised, and have no solution for the future?”, they asked. “Violence is a daily physical attack and insult” and it is “the lack of adults to protect our children, educate them, help them: no nurses, no psychologists, no adequate number of supervisors. Violence is in 30 minutes Hire untrained people to despise children and parents,” they chanted in unison.

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Index points ‘frozen for years’, purchasing power ‘at half-mast’, ‘national education in free fall, but Jean-Michel Blankel prepares a parachute for Montagis’ legislative election’, criticizing teachers, who likewise condemn former A minister’s candidacy in his constituency serves as his record in the ministry. They added that they hoped to detail “their arrest conditions and the eight hours they were in police custody” in future videos. The two men, both in their fifties, will appear in Montagis Court on July 4 at 9 a.m. for a hearing on prior guilty pleas or guilty pleas. They will have to be held responsible for “violence in meetings that did not result in total incapacity”, an offence which carries a three-year jail term.

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