Blanca Suárez, the inspiration for Marta Hazas and other “celebrities” for her photo call appearance


Blanca Suárez never ceases to amaze her followers. The actress He has been crowned one of the most chameleon faces at the national level, which surprises stylistically in each of his public appearances. So much so that the interpreter has already established himself as a style icon for others celebritieswhich is why some people like it Martha Hazas They have not hesitated to follow in his footsteps.

Blanca Suárez with hairpins / Gtres

There have been many occasions when it has been seen that Santander has chosen with certainty details that are very reminiscent of those that Blanca Suárez already wore on other occasions. It was March 25 last time Marta posed in photo call of the film the crystal girls with a collection of pure trend. Hazas waved her hair towards the water and back, revealing her ears thanks to some hairpins she had arranged in her fringe as decoration. These Accessories has become one must have of recent weeks, even if the truth is that they are not something the interpreter of the thread girls earlier. And that’s it, it was specifically 2018 during a premiere, when Blanca put on a fantastic dress palette black and back to the air as he combined one half-assembled with these forks. A choice she probably never imagined would later serve as inspiration for some of her colleagues.

Marta Hazas with hairpins / Gtres
Marta Hazas with hairpins / Gtres

But this has not been the only time that Marta has shown that Blanca is her example to follow in style. It was on March 21 last, also in Malaga, when the main character in Velvet posed on the red carpet of the Andalusian city with a collection of diamonds that adorned both part of her face and her hair. An alternative that Suárez had resorted to as early as 2020 during the San Sebastián Film Festival, and patented some of the most elegant details that, despite the years, continue to be the subject of both make-up and hairdressing.

Blanca Suárez ler / Gtres
Blanca Suárez ler / Gtres

There is no doubt that Blanca Suárez is one of the most daring artists in our country, which is why she plays with her performances on red carpets and photo call uses some clothes which not everyone would take. However, this has meant that for more than a decade it has been one that girl where they pay so much attention celebrities as fans, and that’s it, it was already 2013 when Blanca made it fashionable to let her hair be long and combine it with a tousled and open bangs, which gives your image a touch of the most carefree. An alternative that, nine years later, is still very much present today, and managed to conquer Clara Lago, Juana AcostaMacarena García and even Ana de Armas herself, who despite being established in Hollywood does not stop looking back at her beginnings when she needs a style idea.

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