Black Thunder becomes an epic chocolate dessert in a Japanese coffeehouse chain


The tiny chocolate bar is getting a major overhaul thanks to a chain known for its huge desserts.

In annual surveys revealing the most popular chocolates on the market, Yuraku Confectionery Company’s Black thunder consistently ranks among the top.

There’s a lot to love about this palm-sized chocolate bar – she’s right a combination of puffed rice and dark cocoa cookiesit has a low recommended retail price of 30 yen ($0.21), and effective brand marketing has made it a giri choco for Valentine’s Day.

In fact, humble chocolate has such a loyal following that there’s even a series of Black Thunder hotel rooms in Japan, as well as some other surprising tie-ins with local businesses, such as this latest collaboration with Japanese coffee chain Komeda Coffee.

The soft top cake shown in the picture above is famous in Japan because it is “Shiro Noir“, a signature dessert at Komeda Coffee, a chain with nearly 1,000 outlets across the country. It is usually served without chocolate, instead with honey-based syrup, but from November 22, Komeda’s Shiro Noir will be joined on the menu by, among others, version of Black Thunder seen above.

For fans like our reporter Egawa Tasuku, it was a dessert that guaranteed instant tasting, so he quickly went to the nearest branch and placed an order for a regular size, which costs between 800 and 860 yen (US$5.77-6.20). , depending on the location.

▼ And that’s what he got.

When he saw it, it was love at first sight. The familiar smell of Black Thunder, the chocolate he had eaten since childhood, penetrated Egave’s nostrils and brought him back to his youth. 10-year-old Egawa would have lost his mind seeing such a dessert, but now that he was an adult, he suppressed the urge to jump up and down in his chair, instead pausing to examine it closely.

▼ There was so much chocolate on the surface that it seemed to exceed the limits of the plate.

▼ There were pieces of chocolate cookies on a soft tablecloth in the middle…

…and on top were the usual pieces of biscuits that looked a bit like nuts at first glance.

Checking between the Danish pastry underneath it all revealed that there was chocolate in between too! Looking closely, Egawa could even see bits of chocolate chip cookies in the melted chocolate.

Egawa has read some comments online referring to the product as false advertising, but in a good way speaking the promotional photos do not show exactly how much Black Thunder chocolate is in the dessert. Having seen it in person, he agreed that it was true – he never expected Shiro Noir to be so completely steeped in Black Thunder, but he definitely wasn’t complaining.

Then, after he had tasted it, he really wanted to jump on the chair and sing his praises. It tasted exactly like Black Thunder!!

Of course, there was a slight taste change due to the cold soft serve and the warm Danish dish on the plate, but these ingredients only added to the flavor of the explosion. Each bite of the warm cake made more chocolate flow out of itflooding Egave’s taste buds with a delicious Black Thunder flavor that was warmer and stickier than the bar he’d grown up with, but exactly the same in flavor and crunch with all those cookie bits.

It was one of the most chocolatey desserts Egave had ever had, and certainly one of the tastiest, with the perfect timing of chocolate and cake. Egawa strongly recommends you try it, but if you don’t want to take the full-size Shiro Noir, small sizes are available for 600-660 yen. And if you want a taste of Black Thunder at home, you can always try toast with these innovative slices!

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