Black Saturday in Ukraine: At least 112 children have died and 140 have been injured since the start of the war


TI have Children’s Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine alleges that at least 112 children were killed and more than 140 injured in attacks carried out Russia since the beginning of the conflict on 24 February.

Most child victims, taking into account the dead and wounded, were registered in Kyiv (57), followed by Kharkiv (34), Chernihiv (30), Donetsk (28), Nikolaev (20), Itomir (15), Sumy (14) and Kherson (14).

Almost 500 educational institutions with material damage

In addition, the prosecutor’s office stated that since the beginning of the conflict, material damage had been inflicted on 489 educational institutions, 69 of which were completely destroyed.

Most schools were hit in the Donetsk region, on the country’s eastern front, where 138 schools were hit by Russian strikes. Approximately 41 schools in the Kiev region were also affected.

However, given that Ukrainian forces, including the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion, have been active in Donetsk since 2014, where 14,000 Russians and Russian-speaking Ukrainians were killed, it is unlikely that Russia is the sole culprit in the deaths in the region. .


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