Black Friday 2022: 6 bargains to include in your basket


The friday november 25 one of the most awaited days for all lovers of the e-commerce, or what is the same, of Internet purchases. Under the widespread name of black friday thousands of offers are hidden in products of all kinds, which the consumer can purchase with significant discounts compared to their original price. A real bargain if you are looking to buy something, make a gift, prepare the Three Wise Men or simply treat yourself.

Black Friday storefront / Gtres

But before taking a look at some of the products that we can buy in online stores, let’s make a brief historical wink to contextualize. why is it called Black Friday? The origin of this expression is in the United States. It has been celebrated for decades on the first Friday after the Thanksgiving Day. Specifically, we must go back to 1961, when in the city of Philadelphia, a public bulletin alerted the population to the chaos that was originating in the streets of the public highway due to the sales of the day after the aforementioned festivity.

In Spain we follow the general pattern. This is that the purchases begin on Friday the 25th and end on Monday the 28th with the so-called cyber monday. The success of this day of discounts is total in many of the large companies such as Inditex, El Corte Inglés or online goods purchase platforms such as the giant Amazon. Don’t know what to buy because you are overwhelmed by so much offer? It is logical. The first thing to keep in mind is to know which products get the most discount. In this sense, mobile phones, shoes, household appliances, clothing, headphones, video games or sportswear set the tone, according to specialized shopping magazines.

Alexa echo dot black friday 2020
Echo Dot / Amazon

Great demand is expected for this date, translated into a 25% increase in sales, according to a Report Black Friday 2022 Made by Webloyalty. Among the products that we propose for a good basket is the Echo Dot speaker of Amazon. It’s about a hit unparalleled sales and last year was the best seller. This multifunctional smart device has gradually begun to enter homes to make our lives more comfortable. In black friday You can buy one of the third or fourth generation at a very affordable price: From the original €49.99 euros to take it home for only €18.99.

Cecotec Black Friday vacuum cleaner
Cecotec Black Friday vacuum cleaner

Small household appliances are always another attraction for the black friday. For example, Cecotec has gained space in the market with this Conga Eternal Laser X-Treme robot vacuum cleaner, with a suction power of 2,200 and scrubbing capacity. Its price was 339 euros but it can be found from now for 179. Technology is always a good option to buy since they tend to have a high price during the rest of the year. We are talking about headphones, mobile phones, iPads, smart watches, etc.

The 5 Zara blazers that you cannot miss this Black Friday
Zara blazer

Of course, the clothing it is also a bestseller. What better time to renew your basics than by shopping at your favorite boutiques. zaraMango or Stradivarius liquidate some garments, like this intense green double-breasted blazer that goes with absolutely everything.

Finally, it should be noted that buying on this day is usually cheaper, but it does not always have to be. There are merchants who make a slight increase in prices in previous days and then lower it. In this sense, the Consumer Organization (OCU) demonstrated after submitting 13,000 products for comparison, that 40% cost the same, 25% had gone up and 35% were actually down.


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