Black Adam will make a profit, says The Rock


[UPDATE] Term reports that Black Adam will make a profit of around $52 million or more when all income factors are taken into account. The film is expected to gross $390 million in theaters worldwide, against a production cost of $195 million and marketing spend of up to $100 million. With all of that combined, Black Adam could net between $52 million and $72 million, Deadline reported. You may check out Black Adam’s full profit and loss sheet on Deadline.

The original story follows below.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s superhero movie Black Adam appears to be a theatrical flop. According to Variety, the film could lose up to 100 million dollars in its theatrical release. However, the film is expected to turn a profit when all sources of revenue are accounted for in the future.

Going into numbers, Black Adam cost $195 million to produce, the site said. Then there was as much as $100 million in marketing spend, according to Variety. The film needs to earn around $600 million globally to break even, the site’s sources said.

So far, Black Adam has made $385 million worldwide, and box office pundits told Variety that the movie probably won’t be able to cross $400 million. As a result, Black Adam could lose between $50 million and $100 million during its theatrical run.

However, not everyone agrees with this estimate, as sources within Warner Bros. have told Variety that Black Adam could break even at $400 million.

Black Adam’s theatrical performance is just one element of his overall profitability profile. The film has already “exceeded projections” for its home video release, Variety reported. In addition, the “secondary income” of any movie, that is, the money a movie generates outside of theaters, is now more profitable thanks to movies generally having shorter tenures in theaters.

With this additional revenue added (up to $35 million from home video sales, Variety said), Black Adam will turn a profit, the site reported. Then there’s the inevitable HBO Max launch that will help expand the film’s profile and bring it to more viewers in more places.

And very importantly, Variety reminds us that most movies lose money during their time in theaters. Movies tend to turn a profit only after revenue from home video, streaming, rentals, and consumer products are taken into account. “There is also value in establishing an intellectual property cinematically that is not always reflected in a balance sheet,” Variety reported. .

Black Adam was originally R-rated and had even more violent murder scenes.

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