Bittersweet Armando Bacot’s milestone when he falls short with UNC for the NCAA National Championship


Tbittersweet history of college basketball NCAA National Championshipp was a university North Carolina Centre Armando Bakcottwho injured his ankle in the semi-finals against Duke and dramatically twisted the same body part less than a minute before the game in Monday night’s painful 72-69 loss. Kansas at Caesars Super Dome in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Armando Backot equals David Robinson

However, Bakot had march madness never seen before, with six double-doubles in six national tournament games, a milestone never before achieved, furthermore, with 15 points and 15 rebounds achieved in the final, he was 31st in the campaign in double figures in two different statistics. , which is equal to the feat Basketball Hall of Famer David Robinsonwho achieved this with the Navy in 1987.

“He (Armando Bakot) plays amazing,” said the UNC coach. Hubert Davis. “I’m so proud of him, 50% or 2%, that he’s on the floor is good news for Carolina Basketball.”

Backot’s absence hurt UNC

Backot’s absence in the last minute greatly affected the final score of the game, as he failed to defend. David McCormackalso a brilliant game after a game that easily dominated the paint by Brady Maneka, who doesn’t have his height or weight.

Backot’s superb performance in the first half was the main reason the Tar Heels took a 40-25 lead, but the university, which Michael Jordan studied, could not keep up with the pace of the favorite Kansas Jayhawks, who had to deal with foul problems from his two centers, due to the internal power of a powerful player.

Praise for Mike Krzyzewski

It was in his last game as a coach after more than four decades of career Mike Krzyzewski approached Backot and told him that he was the best player of the tournament, a great gesture from “Coach K” despite Duke’s loss.


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