Birthday Gifts for Mom: Jewellery Boxes with Exotic Marquetry

If you are looking for unusual birthday gifts for mom, you can find them in various places. She is a very important person in our lives. When we choose a gift for her it should be admired and close to her heart.

She’s delighted when she receives a gift from her children. You can always choose birthday gifts of marquetry design as your mom’s birthday gift. A special and beautiful gift should be chosen for her as she is a special person in your life.

Ones with stones, inlaid brass and oxidized metal are there. In the 17th-century Marquetry, work was being done in ancient Egypt. The royal families used extensive and intricate work, even used burial caskets as the work kept improving the artisans.

Choose the best gift for your mom

An art of decorative craft is Marquetry, all precious stones, mother of pearl were being used as their top pieces of work. When English men did this type of work they were known as in layers. Buying our mother, a beautiful birthday gift of a marquetry jewel box is a good idea as she would treasure it all her life.

There are highly polished dark or light wood trinket boxes in different shapes and sizes. A quicksand design is very beautiful and makes you want to keep looking at it. There are other special carved wood and metals added at the sides to give it a grand rich look.

The quicksand design is a very tricky one and collects to whichever side it is tilted. It is so intricate and looks so beautiful. Space is all we look forward to in a jewellery box. The storage is very safe for jewellery as it is lined with velvet.

Earrings and rings can be kept on the first layer, which is the topmost one. Nowadays rings are widely used for angel bite piercing for better looking. The box has several sections and drawers, which can easily accommodate different sizes and shapes of jewellery. A son bringing her a gift would knock the socks off any mom!

How did her little boy know how to buy her something so special?

The guests would try to get out as much news about the gift. Moms can use the top layer of the jewellery box for their earrings and rings.

Jewellery like earrings, rings and other pieces can be kept in the top layer. It is compartmental and arranged in a systematic manner. The middle layer of the box is used for the jewellery of the neck and it is used on the ear as an Ashley piercing. The box has a last layer for bangles and bracelets.

She will treasure it as she gets on in years as it will serve as a safe storage space for her trinkets. A Marquetry designed beautifully handcrafted jewellery box is actually close to her heart and that’s what she craves!

Our jewellery boxes are original works of art, no two creations are the same. Each wood shown has its own unique wood grain pattern and colour. A fine addition to your dressing table or as a gift.

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